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Big Data, Data Science and Databases

Research Objectives

The Big Data group is a new research group at the University of Luxembourg that has been established in February 2017. The group investigates scalable architectures for the distributed indexing, querying and analysis of large volumes of data. A particular focus is put on information extraction, probabilistic databases and the development of distributed graph- and streaming engines. We thus investigate the whole lifecycle of semantic-data management, beginning with the extraction of entities and relations from textual and semi-structured sources and on to data-cleaning aspects and probabilistic inference.

We intensively worked with the Hadoop and Spark platforms for research and teaching in the past, but are also highly interested in developing custom prototypes based on proprietary, asynchronous communication protocols.

Members / Visiting Members

Past Visiting Members

  • Leone, Valentina (Visiting Doctoral Candidate)
  • Wu, Yan (Visiting Doctoral Candidate)