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Demetra Philippidou

Demetra Philippidou

Research Support Engineer

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine
Department Department of Life Sciences and Medicine
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux
Campus Office BioTech II, 4.27
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6167
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See detailCross-Linking Ligation and Sequencing of Hybrids (qCLASH) Reveals an Unpredicted miRNA Targetome in Melanoma Cells
Kozar, Ines; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Gay, Lauren; Renne, Rolf; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancers (2021)

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See detailSystematic transcriptional profiling of responses to STAT1- and STAT3- activating cytokines in different cancer types
Kirchmeyer, Mélanie; Servais, Florence; Ginolhac, Aurélien; Nazarov, Petr V.; Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra; Nicot, Nathalie; Behrmann, Iris; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Journal of Molecular Biology (2020)

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See detailHypoxia-Induced Adaptations of miRNomes and Proteomes in Melanoma Cells and Their Secreted Extracellular Vesicles
Walbrecq, Geoffroy; Lecha, Odile; Gaigneaux, Anthoula; Fougeras, Miriam R .; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Tetsi Nomigni, Milène; Bernardin, François; Dittmar, Gunnar; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancers (2020)

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See detailKinase inhibitor library screening identifies synergistic drug combinations effective in sensitive and resistant melanoma cells
Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra; Kozar, Ines; Cesi, Giulia; Felten, Paul; Kulms, Dagmar; Letellier, Elisabeth; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research (2019), 38(1),

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See detailA new ALK isoform transported by extracellular vesicles confers drug resistance to melanoma cells
Cesi, Giulia; Philippidou, Demetra; Kozar, Ines; Kim, Y. J.; Bernardin, F.; Van Niel, G.; Wienecke-Baldacchino, A.; Felten, Paul; Letellier, Elisabeth; Dengler, S.; Nashan, D.; Haan, Claude; Kreis, Stephanie

in Molecular Cancer (2018), (17:145),

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See detailImpact of BRAF kinase inhibitors on the miRNomes and transcriptomes of melanoma cells
Kreis, Stephanie; Kozar, Ines; Cesi, Giulia; Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (2017)

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See detailComparison of a healthy miRNome with melanoma patient miRNomes: are microRNAs suitable serum biomarkers for cancer?
Margue, Christiane; Reinsbach, Susanne; Philippidou, Demetra; Beaume, Nicolas; Walters, Casandra; Schneider, Jochen; Nashan, Dorothee; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Oncotarget (2015), 6(14), 12110-27

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See detailNew Target Genes of MITF-Induced microRNA-211 Contribute to Melanoma Cell Invasion
Margue, Christiane; Philippidou, Demetra; Reinsbach, Susanne; Schmitt, Martina; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in PLoS ONE (2013), 8(9),

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See detailInterplay of microRNAs, transcription factors and target genes: Linking dynamic expression changes to function
Nazarov, P. V. A; Reinsbach, Susanne; Muller, A. A; Nicot, N. A; Philippidou, Demetra; Vallar, L. A; Kreis, Stephanie

in Nucleic Acids Research (2013), 41(5), 2817-2831

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See detailDynamic regulation of microRNA expression following interferonγ- induced gene transcription
Reinsbach, Susanne; Nazarov, Petr V.; Philippidou, Demetra; Schmitt, Martina; Wienecke, Anke; Muller, Arnaud; Vallar, Laurent; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in RNA Biology (2012), 9(7), 987-989

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See detailInterferon-γ-induced activation of Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 1 (STAT1) up-regulates the tumor suppressing microRNA-29 family in melanoma cells
Schmitt, Martina J.; Philippidou, Demetra; Reinsbach, Susanne; Margue, Christiane; Wienecke-Baldacchino, Anke; Nashan, Dorothee; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cell Communication and Signaling (2012), 10

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See detailSignatures of MicroRNAs and selected MicroRNA target genes in human melanoma
Philippidou, Demetra; Schmitt, Martina; Moser, Dirk; Margue, Christiane; Nazarov, Petr V.; Muller, Arnaud; Vallar, Laurent; Nashan, Dorothee; Behrmann, Iris; Kreis, Stephanie

in Cancer Research (2010), 70(10), 4163-4173

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See detailIL-24: a classic cytokine and/or a potential cure for cancer?
Kreis, Stephanie; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Behrmann, Iris

in Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2008), 12(6A), 2505-2510

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See detailRecombinant interleukin-24 lacks apoptosis-inducing properties in melanoma cells
Kreis, Stephanie; Philippidou, Demetra; Margue, Christiane; Rolvering, Catherine; Haan, Claude; Dumoutier, Laure; Renauld, Jean-Christophe; Behrmann, Iris

in PLoS ONE (2007), 2(12), 1300

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