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Dr. Elisabeth Schaffner-Reckinger

Elisabeth Schaffner-Reckinger

Research scientist

Faculty or Centre Faculty of Science, Technology and Medicine
Department Department of Life Sciences and Medicine
Postal Address Campus Belval, Université du Luxembourg
7, Avenue des Hauts Fourneaux
L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette
Campus Office BioTech I, 3.05B
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 6398
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See detailBruceine D Identified as a Drug Candidate against Breast Cancer by a Novel Drug Selection Pipeline and Cell Viability Assay.
Cipriani, Claudia; Pires Pacheco, Maria Irene; Kishk, Ali; Wachich, Maryem; Abankwa, Daniel; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Sauter, Thomas

in Pharmaceuticals (Basel, Switzerland) (2022), 15(2),

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See detailL-plastin Ser5 phosphorylation is modulated by the PI3K/SGK pathway and promotes breast cancer cell invasiveness
Machado, Raquel A.C.; Stojevski, Dunja; de Landtsheer, Sébastien; Lucarelli, Philippe; Baron, Alexandre; Sauter, Thomas; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth

in Cell Communication and Signaling (2021), 19(22), 1-22

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See detailThe actin-bundling protein L-plastin—A double-edged sword: Beneficial for the immune response, maleficent in cancer
Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Machado, Raquel A.C.


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See detailThe PET and LIM1-2 domains of testin contribute to intramolecular and homodimeric interactions
Sala, Stefano; Catillon, Marie; Hadzic, Ermin; Schaffner, Elisabeth; Van Troys, Marleen; Ampe, Christophe

in PLoS ONE (2017)

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See detailExpanding the Interactome of TES by Exploiting TES Modules with Different Subcellular Localizations
SALA, Stefano; Van troys, Marleen; Medves, Sandrine; Catillon, Marie; Timmerman, Evy; Staes, An; Schaffner, Elisabeth; Gevaert, Kris; Ampe, Christophe

in Journal of Proteome Research (2017), doi: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.7b00034

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See detailAngiotensin II regulates phosphorylation of actin-associated proteins in human podocytes
Schenk, Laura K; Möller-Kerutt, Annika; Klosowski, Rafael; Wolters, Dirk; Schaffner, Elisabeth; Weide, Thomas; Pavenstädt, Hermann; Vollenbröker, Beate

in FASEB Journal (2017)

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See detailL-plastin Ser5 phosphorylation in breast cancer cells and in vitro is mediated by RSK downstream of the ERK/MAPK pathway
Lommel, Maiti; Trairatphisan, Panuwat; Gäbler, Karoline; Laurini, Christina; Muller, Arnaud; Kaoma, Tony; Vallar, Laurent; Sauter, Thomas; Schaffner, Elisabeth

in FASEB Journal (2016)

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See detailDelineating the Tes Interaction Site in Zyxin and Studying Cellular Effects of Its Disruption
Hadzic, Ermin; Catillon, Marie; Halavatyi, Aliaksandr; Medves, Sandrine; Van Troys, Marleen; Moes, Michèle; Baird, Michelle A; Davidson, Michael W; Schaffner, Elisabeth; Ampe, Christophe; Friederich, Evelyne

in PLoS ONE (2015)

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See detailInhibition of αIIbβ3 Ligand Binding by an αIIb Peptide that Clasps the Hybrid Domain to the βI Domain of β3
Lee, Wen Hwa; Schaffner, Elisabeth; Tsoukatos, Demokritos C; Aylward, Kelly; Moussis, Vassilios; Tsirakis, Vassilios; Trypou, Paraskevi; Egot, Marion; Baruch, Dominique; Kieffer, Nelly; Bachelot-Loza, Christilla

in PLoS ONE (2015)

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See detailQuantitative kinetic study of the actin-bundling protein L-plastin and of its impact on actin turn-over.
Al Tanoury, Ziad; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Halavatyi, Aliaksandr; Hoffmann, Celine; Moes, Michèle; Hadzic, Ermin; Catillon, Marie; Yatskou, Mikalai; Friederich, Evelyne

in PloS one (2010), 5(2), 9210

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See detailThe actin filament cross-linker L-plastin confers resistance to TNF-alpha in MCF-7 breast cancer cells in a phosphorylation-dependent manner.
Janji, Bassam; Vallar, Laurent; Al Tanoury, Ziad; Bernardin, Francois; Vetter, Guillaume; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Berchem, Guy; Friederich, Evelyne; Chouaib, Salem

in Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (2010), 14(6A), 1264-75

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See detailOverexpression of the partially activated alpha(IIb)beta3D723H integrin salt bridge mutant downregulates RhoA activity and induces microtubule-dependent proplatelet-like extensions in Chinese hamster ovary cells
Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Salsmann, Alexandre; Debili, Najet; Bellis, Julien; De Mey, Jan; Vainchenker, William; Ouwehand, Willem H.; Kieffer, Nelly

in Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis (2009), 7(7), 1207-1217

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See detailA nonsynonymous SNP in the ITGB3 gene disrupts the conserved membrane-proximal cytoplasmic salt bridge in the αIIbβ3 integrin and cosegregates dominantly with abnormal proplatelet formation and macrothrombocytopenia
Ghevaert, Cedric; Salsmann, Alexandre; Watkins, Nicholas A.; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Rankin, Angela; Garner, Stephen F.; Stephens, Jonathan; Smith, Graham A.; Debili, Najet; Vainchenker, William; de Groot, Philip G.; Huntington, James A.; Laffan, Mike; Kieffer, Nelly; Ouwehand, Willem H.

in Blood (2008), 111(7), 3407-3414

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See detailThe talin rod IBS2 alpha-helix interacts with the beta3 integrin cytoplasmic tail membrane-proximal helix by establishing charge complementary salt bridges.
Rodius, Sophie; Chaloin, Olivier; Moes, Michèle; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Landrieu, Isabelle; Lippens, Guy; Lin, Minghui; Zhang, Jie; Kieffer, Nelly

in The Journal of biological chemistry (2008), 283(35), 24212-23

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See detailRGD, the Rho'd to cell spreading
Salsmann, Alexandre; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Kieffer, Nelly

in European Journal of Cell Biology (2006), 85(3-4), 249-254

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See detailA new functional role of the fibrinogen RGD motif as the molecular switch that selectively triggers integrin alphaIIbbeta3-dependent RhoA activation during cell spreading
Salsmann, Alexandre; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Kabile, Fabrice; Plançon, Sébastien; Kieffer, Nelly

in Journal of Biological Chemistry (2005), 280(39), 33610-33619

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See detailThe effect of recombinant IgG antibodies against the leucine-33 form of the platelet beta3 integrin (HPA-1a) on platelet function.
Joutsi-Korhonen, Lotta; Preston, Sandy; Smethurst, Peter A.; Ijsseldijk, Martin; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Armour, Kathryn L.; Watkins, Nicholas A.; Clark, Michael R.; de Groot, Philip G.; Farndale, Richard W.; Ouwehand, Willem H.; Williamson, Lorna M.

in Thrombosis and haemostasis (2004), 91(4), 743-54

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See detailBeta3 integrins: major therapeutic targets of the near future.
Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth

in Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Médicales du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (2003), (1), 23-34

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See detailHPA-1a phenotype-genotype discrepancy reveals a naturally occurring Arg93Gln substitution in the platelet beta 3 integrin that disrupts the HPA-1a epitope.
Watkins, Nicholas A.; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Allen, David L.; Howkins, Graham J.; Brons, Nicolaas H. C.; Smith, Graham A.; Metcalfe, Paul; Murphy, Michael F.; Kieffer, Nelly; Ouwehand, Willem H.

in Blood (2002), 99(5), 1833-9

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See detailGreen fluorescent protein (GFP) tagged to the cytoplasmic tail of alphaIIb or beta3 allows the expression of a fully functional integrin alphaIIb(beta3): effect of beta3GFP on alphaIIb(beta3) ligand binding.
Plançon, Sébastien; Morel-Kopp, M. C.; Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Chen, P.; Kieffer, N.

in The Biochemical journal (2001), 357(Pt 2), 529-36

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See detailDistinct involvement of beta3 integrin cytoplasmic domain tyrosine residues 747 and 759 in integrin-mediated cytoskeletal assembly and phosphotyrosine signaling.
Schaffner-Reckinger, Elisabeth; Gouon, V.; Melchior, Chantal; Plançon, Sébastien; Kieffer, N.

in The Journal of biological chemistry (1998), 273(20), 12623-32

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