Teaching, learning and continuous training are fundamentally important to CES. We provide high-quality, student-centred and research-driven education. CES has the ambition to contribute to teaching at all levels, including the construction of tailored outreach programmes in the Luxembourgish education system.                

Similar to our research approach, our teaching approach relies on educating students in fundamental building blocks common to a variety of applications, through a series of core modules. These modules are complemented by more applied modules, interfacing the core methodology to key application areas in Luxembourg (materials, space, finance, logistics, health). Our teaching approach is also project and inquiry-based, hands-on and carried out hand-in-hand with our worldwide industry collaborators, through e.g. internships.     

CES aims at setting up a unique MSc teaching programme to train and educate university graduate students with engineering, computer science or any other science background in the field of Computational Engineering Sciences. This multi-disciplinary MSc programme will help Luxembourg cater for the clearly stated and growing needs of the local industrial economy, ranging from the financial sector to the materials sector through the automotive industry, and will prepare the country to lead the third industrial revolution. We expect to build this MSc on the foundations provided by the Industrial Mathematics and future Data Science specialisation in the MSc in Mathematics at UL.