Department of Physics and Materials Science

The Department of Physics and Materials Science (DPhyMS) of the University of Luxembourg consists of 19 groups working on a wide range of problems from physics of solid-state, liquid crystals, or living matter, to non-equilibrium thermodynamics, processes in solar cells, quantum mechanical effects, data science, and machine learning. The joint efforts of experimental and theoretical groups result in breakthrough discoveries published in top-level international journals, multiple prestigious EU, ERC and FNR grants, and total external funding of over 6 million Euro per year. The international community of scientists and students, representing all parts of the world creates a unique, friendly, and open-minded environment for research, allowing us to integrate into a multifaceted department both scientifically and culturally. A wide network of collaborations throughout the world opens nearly unlimited possibilities for the advancement of scientific careers.

The department is structured into topical clusters. Each cluster consists of several research groups. Below are the clusters with laboratories.


Alexandre Tkatchenko

DPhyMS at a glance


  • 18 professors and 2 affiliated professors
  • 8 research scientists
  • 100 post-docs and doctoral candidates
  • 11 technical and administrative staff


  • 122 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals (2020)

Campus: Limpertsberg, 162a, avenue de la Faïencerie, L-1511 Luxembourg


Research areas

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