About us

The Department of Physics and Materials Science focuses on condensed matter physics. Its activities cover the whole field from the electronic and spin structure of crystals and interfaces to the thermodynamics of soft matter and composites with their interphases. Experimental and theoretical groups join forces to understand and develop materials.

The main goals of the DPHYMS are:

  • performing high level fundamental research in physics and material science;
  • applying fundamental research results to technical challenges;
  • providing excellent teaching for students in bachelor and master courses in physics;
  • building bridges between academic teaching and modern research;
  • applying physics teaching and research in other disciplines (i.e. life sciences, engineering, ...).

The department possesses state-of-the-art equipment for the preparation and characterisation of materials, as well as for high performance computing. Its members publish in high-impact journals and are involved in international networks. They are committed to high quality teaching.