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Internships For High-School Students

In order to get a glimpse into the life of a researcher, the Department of Physics and Material Science is organizing observational internships for high school students during school holidays, where they get to shadow an experienced researcher (typically a PhD student or a postdoc) and observe their daily tasks and experiments.

We currently offer 5 different internships:

 Internship 1, from Aug. 1st to Aug. 5th , 2022:

- Topics: solar cells, material science

- Places: max. 3

- Participating research groups: Physics of Advanced Materials, Multifunctional Ferroic Materials, Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory

- Application deadline: 1.6.2022


Internship 2, from Aug. 29th to Sept. 2nd , 2022:

Topics: theoretical physics, solar cells

- Places: 2

- Participating research groups: Theory of Mesoscopic Quantum System, Physics of Active Matter, Laboratory for Photovoltaics

- Application deadline 29.6.2022


Internship 3, from Aug. 29th to Sept. 2nd , 2022:

Topics: soft matter physics

- Places:2

- Participating research group: Experimental Soft Matter Physics

- Application deadline: 29.6.2022


Internship 4, from Oct. 31st to Nov. 4th , 2022:

Topics: Laser physics and ultra-fast phenomena

-  Places: max 3

-  Participating research group: Ultrafast Condensed Matter Physics

-  Application deadline 31.8.2022


Internship 5, from Oct. 31st to Nov. 4th , 2022:

- Topics: biophysics and solar cells

- 2 places available

- Participating research groups: Laboratory for Energy Materials, Physics of Living Matter

- Application deadline 31.8.2022


If you are interested, please send your CV, a motivation letter as to why you are interested in physics or materials science and transcript of your grades to scienteens.physics@uni.lu. Please also indicate and explain which internship(s) you would be interested in (1, 2…?). We will consider your application carefully and carry out a selection process. If you are selected, you will receive more detailed instructions from us.