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CANCELLED // Physics Colloquium:Levitons:on-demand electrons for Electron Quantum Optics

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Speaker: Dr. Christian Glattli,CEA Saclay, Université Paris-Saclay, France, invited by Prof. Thomas Schmidt
Event date: Wednesday, 27 May 2020 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Levitons: on-demand electrons for Electron Quantum Optics

Electron Quantum Optics is an emergent field of quantum Physics where the aim is to perform experiments and tasks with single electrons in quantum conductors in a way similar to what is done in Quantum Optics with single photons. I will particularly focus on the generation of Levitons which are minimal excitation states providing ideal single electron excitations and which allow the experimental realization of electronic Hong Ou Mandel interference [1] or Quantum State Tomography [2]. I will extend these notions to the case of fractionally charged anyons in the Quantum Hall regime and show microwave manipulation of e/3 and e/5 anyons [3] with the aim to realize anyon-levitons for future braiding measurements. Finally, I will discuss how levitons can be applied to classical electromagnetic or acoustic waves for applications in digital communications [4] or in music sound synthesis [9].

[1] Minimal-excitation states for electron quantum optics using levitons, J. Dubois, T. Jullien, F. Portier, P. Roche, A. Cavanna, Y. Jin, W. Wegscheider, P. Roulleau & D. C. Glattli, Nature 502, 659 (2013)

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[9] Levisound Evaluation, Daisuke Miura et al., Report 2018, Yamaha Music.

Christian GLATTLI, Research Director at CEA at CEA Saclay France, has been head of of the Nanoelectronic group (till 2017) and has founded the Mesoscopic Physics group at ENS Paris (lead from 2000 to 20012). His main achievements are: - noise measurements leading to the first observation of fractional charge carriers (1999 EuroPhysics PRIZE) – Single Electron Sources for Electron Quantum Optics based on Levitons enabling Electron Quantum State Tomography - measurement of the Josephson Frequency of e/3 and e/5 anyons.