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Physics Seminar: “Ultra-fast charging of Dicke Quantum Batteries”

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Speaker: Talk by Dr. Dario Ferraro, invited by Dr. Edvin Idrisov
Event date: Tuesday, 24 May 2022 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm
Place: Campus Limpertsberg, BSC 003

“Ultra-fast charging of Dicke Quantum Batteries”

Quantum information theorems state that it is possible to exploit collective quantum resources to greatly enhance the charging power of quantum batteries made of many identical elementary units. In this direction, we will investigate a model of a quantum battery that can be engineered in solid-state and molecular platforms. It consists of N two-level systems coupled to a single photonic mode in a cavity. We will contrast this collective model (“Dicke quantum battery”), to the one in which each two-level system is coupled to its own separate cavity mode (“Rabi quantum battery”). We will demonstrate the emergence of a quantum advantage in the charging power of collective quantum batteries [1]. We will illustrate the first experimental evidences of this phenomenology, reported very recently [2]. In addition, we will show that the charging power can be further enhanced by properly engineering a more exotic two-photon matter-radiation coupling [3]. The possibility to exploit this kind of physics to improve the energy stored in quantum supercapacitors will be also discussed [4].

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