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Outreach activities

The Department of Physics and Materials Science organises regular workshops for secondary students in the frame of the Scienteens Lab. In addition, the department opens its laboratories to present and explain research activities.

Scienteens Lab in Physics

The Scienteens Lab offers three different workshops in physics 

  • Mayonnaise, a culinary star on the test bench - a liquid or a solid?
  • Modern spectroscopy in the field of materials research: how does sunscreen protect our skin?
  • Does the sun also shine in our labs? High-tech research on solar cells

These one-day workshops are offered for students from Luxembourg (3e, 2e, 1ère) and abroad of the last three years at high school. The workshops take place from 9:00 till 15:30 with a lunch break of one hour. The group should not exceed 28 students. At the end of the workshop, each student receives a certificate attesting to his participation. For more detailed information please visit the Scienteens Lab homepage. Here you also have the possibility to book directly a slot.

Portes Ouvertes Luxembourg

In September 2019, the University participated in the initiative Portes Ouvertes Luxembourg and opened its laboratories in Physics and Engineering to the general public. Visitors were very excited to discover the backstage of the laboratories. In Physics, they could build a hand spectroscope, understand how a train can levitate, play with light, discover properties of crystals, track bacterial growth, and capture algae.



Una Karahasanovic