Bachelor in Physics 

Directed by Anupam Sengupta

The University of Luxembourg offers a cutting-edge Bachelor in Physics focused on providing the students with fundamental knowledge of physics, as well as skills in theoretical, experimental and computational techniques which will allow them to excel in a broad range of physics-based domains. Small class sizes allow the students and professors to interact directly. The Bachelor programme brings the students in close contact with physics research from a very early stage of their studies. A wide range of elective courses allows for a diverse set of domain specializations, e.g., mathematics, geophysics, didactics or economics. A mobility semester at a foreign university is part of the programme during which the students receive support from the university, e.g., via the Erasmus+ programme. The last semester of the six-semester Bachelor programme is devoted entirely to a scientific Bachelor’s project. 

Master of Science in Physics 

Directed by Maël Guennou

The Master of Science in Physics programme at the University of Luxembourg provides an educational platform to learn and actively pursue state-of-the-art research within a well-established community of students, researchers and professors in fields such as condensed matter and materials physics. The two-year (four semester) programme, which is entirely taught in English, introduces the students to the foundational knowledge necessary to begin asking relevant questions at the brink of modern scientific domains. Two semesters are fully devoted to research. Topical research areas include semiconductors, magnetic and multiferroic materials, neutron scattering, laser physics, surface and interface physics, liquid crystals, polymers, living matter systems, density functional theory, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, mesoscopic systems, and chemical property prediction. Our established industrial and academic collaborations give opportunities for students to develop experience in both Academia and Industry.

Doctoral Programme in Physics and Materials Science 

Directed by Thomas Schmidt

The Doctoral Programme in Physics and Material Science (DPPM), as part of Doctoral School in Science and Engineering (DSSE), fosters an environment towards breakthroughs and novel insights into fields ranging from physics of solid-state, functional materials, liquid crystals, or living matter, to non-equilibrium thermodynamics, processes in solar cells, magnetic small-angle neutron scattering, scanning probe microscopy, quantum mechanical effects in mesoscopic systems, ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter, data science and machine learning. Being a relatively young program, our research has dented esteemed international recognition for excellence. As an incoming student, you will be integrated into research groups and projects supervised by leading professors and senior researchers capable of guiding focused and innovative research while working alongside with state-of-the-art laboratory and computer facilities. The quality of the program is supported by publications in the top-level high-impact internationally recognized journals, where the PhD students are the first authors and actively participate in conferences, summer schools, and workshops. DPPM supports their students in obtaining a cutting-edge education as well as the establishment of an international collaboration network helping to build a successful career in Academia or Industry.

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