About us


The Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs is a one of a kind interfaculty cooperation between the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance and the Faculty of Language and Literature, Humanities, Arts and Education.

The Institute—inaugurated on 11 April 2016—focuses on the interdisciplinary study of European affairs and the European Union, involving researchers in law, political science, economics and history.

Its founding members are:


Herwig Hofmann

Eleftheria Neframi

Andreas Irmen







René Leboutte

David Howarth

Robert Harmsen





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Funding & Objectives

The Robert Schuman Institute for European Affairs has been awarded funding for a project duration of three years as an Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence until the end of 2018.

A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is a focal point of competence and knowledge on European Union subjects. Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence:

  • gather the expertise and competences of high-level experts. They develop synergies between the various disciplines and resources in European studies, and create joint transnational activities and structural links with academic institutions in other countries. They also ensure openness to civil society.
  • have a major role in reaching out to students from faculties not usually dealing with European Union issues as well as to policy makers, civil servants, organised civil society and the general public.

The objective of the Robert Schuman Institute of European Affairs at the University of Luxembourg is to encourage creative thinking: asking questions, collecting ideas, identifying issues but also developing proposals for further research and development of solutions to pressing societal problems. Through publications, conferences and round-tables, the institute increases visibility on matters of integration and the European Union, to foster informed debate and help develop ideas for the future of Europe.