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Recent posts

24.04.2019 - Transparency in the early stages of the EU decision-making process. Secrecy at the cost of democratic participation, or transparency at the cost of efficiency? Comments on T-540/15 De Capitani and C-15/16P ClientEarth
                      by Jasmin Hiry

18.12.2018 - Utilization of Scenarios in European Union Electricity Policy: The Ten-Year Network Development Plan
                      by Alexander Scheibe

25.10.2018 - The Difficult Construction of a European Deposit Insurance Scheme: A Step too far in Banking Union?
                      by Pr. David Howarth and Pr. Lucia Quaglia

15.10.2018 - Summary Report of the seminar on "Brexit and Finance" with Dr. Scott James and Pr. David Howarth (University of Luxembourg, 12 October 2018)
                      by Dr. Scott James and Pr. David Howarth

27.06.2018 - Does the end justify the means? Reflections on the Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses Judgment (C-64/16)
                      by Pierre-Emmanuel Pignarre

07.02.2018 - Dear consumers! The possibilities for collective redress in the EU still not attuned to the digital world disputes. Comments on Case C 498/16 Maximilian Schrems v Facebook Ireland Limited
                      by Simona Demkova

08.01.2018 - Brexit Seen from Luxembourg
                      by Anna-Lena Högenauer

07.11.2017 - The CETA, the German Federal Constitutional Court and the distribution of competences between the EU and its Member States
                      by Julien Miéral

07.09. 2017 - European Unemployment Insurance – a good initiative without foundation
                      by Igor Tkalec - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

01.08.2017 - Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? Not after Tele2 anymore…
                     by Teresa Alegra Quintel - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

21.07.2017 - Trademark enforcement against intermediaries is getting physical – (Case C 494/15 Hilfiger v Delta Center) 
                     by Carsten Ullrich - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

04.07.2017 - Quo Vadis, Europa? Space - the final frontier for EU unification 
                     by Sandra Cabrera Alvarado - PhD Candidate in Space Law at the University of Luxembourg

12.06.2017 - Brexit: Mind the gap! The significance of regional disparities in political decision making  
                     by Estelle Evrard  and Jutta Bissinger - PhD researchers at the University of Luxembourg

26.04.2017 - Soixante ans et toujours en movement / Sixty years on, still moving, transforming and evolving                       
                     by Prof. Herwig Hofmann and Catherine Warin - PhD student at the University of Luxembourg

06.04.2017 - C-547/14: the Twofold Objective of the Tobacco Products Directive
                     by Johannes Hendrik Fahner - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

06.03.2017 - Times of Crisis, Times of Prospects: Can the EU Learn from the 1970s?
                     by Mechthild Herzog - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

01.03.2017 - Recent developments on free movement in EU.
                     by Catherine Warin - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

28.02.2017 - CJEU condemns German price-fixing system for prescription-only medicinal products.
                     by Julia Sinnig - Research Assistant/Doctoral candidate in tax law at the University of Luxembourg

27.01.2017 - How did the ECB become a fully-fledged central bank of the euro zone?
                     by Jakub Gren (LLM) - PhD researcher in the Institute of Political Science of the University of Luxembourg