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Entrepreneurship in the Space Industry

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Speaker: Charles Beames
Event date: Thursday, 29 October 2020 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm

Asteroid Foundation and SnT (University of Luxembourg) join forces to bring a special Space Connects Us event this 29 October. Learn from the Chair of the SmallSat Alliance, Charles Beames as he discusses the future of space entrepreneurship with the students of University’s Interdisciplinary Space Master’s program. 

About the speaker:

Charles Beames is currently the Executive Chair of York Space Systems, a leader in commercial satellite design and manufacturing. He is also Chair of the SmallSat Alliance, an organization advocating for the future of this remarkably evolving industry, and an active early-stage investor in the entrepreneurial space. A core contributor to Forbes science, his focus is on the promise of this new growth sector and what the proliferation of this new space movement means for industry stakeholders across the board. 

Charles has also has participated in Asteroid Day LIVE here in Luxembourg in  20172018 and 2019.

Watch the stream LIVE on this webpage Thursday 29 October at 14:00