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GDD Science Award for Andriy Panchenko

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Published on Wednesday, 30 November 2011

For his dissertation on „Anonymous Communication in the Age of the Internet“, the SnT scientist Dr. Andriy Panchenko received the Bernd-Hentschel Science Award from the German Society for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD).

The prize was awarded on the occasion of the 35th data security symposium „DAFTA“ on November 18th, 2011. In his dissertation, Andriy Panchenko identified promising ways to improve the efficiency of existing anonymising networks in regard to speed and throughput.
 Data security and privacy in the Internet is becoming increasingly significant, because a multitude of professional and private activities run through this medium. While the content of messages can be well hidden using cryptographic algorithms, this is not the case for the addresses of the communicating parties. However, the information on who is communicating with whom is often just as revealing as the exchanged content. Therefore anonymising algorithms, such as Panchenko lately
 studied and further developed in his dissertation, are of greatest interest for privacy protection and data security. In particular, the GDD prize honored Panchenko’s anonymising system „Shalon“. The system enciphers data in onion-like layers and tunnels the messages through intermediary routers. This novel, lightweight anonymisation protocol, contrary to all other approaches, is based completely on standardised protocols. „Shalon“ therefore exhibits a considerable improvement compared to all the other existing solutions.