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Today: Wednesday, 21 October 2020

SnT Team Wins Hackathon with Secure Solution for Digital Payments
Published on Friday, 16 October 2020
Congratulations to our researcher’s recent first place win in the PayID BlockSprint Hackathon! Dr. Wazen Shbair, Flaviene Scheidt de Cristo, and Lucian Andrei Trestioreanu came together, with the ...
Artificial intelligence can be smarter
Published on Tuesday, 13 October 2020
Machine learning algorithms seem all-powerful, but still function passively: they merely analyse the data they are fed with. SnT's Director Björn Ottersten makes them smarter by letting them ...
Keeping up with the Cyber Arms Race
Jacques Klein profile photo
Published on Friday, 09 October 2020
As people entrust companies with more and more sensitive information the stakes for cybersecurity are getting higher. Making the investment to ensure systems and information are protected is vital. ...
French Senator Olivier Cadic Talks Space at SnT
Published on Monday, 05 October 2020
On 23 September 2020 our team welcomed French Senator Olivier Cadic and his delegation for a discussion about research for the Space sector, and a tour of our Space education and research facilities.
Hacking the Moon
Published on Thursday, 01 October 2020
The University of Luxembourg's research centre SnT’s LunaLab is challenging the next big names in Space to a test of creativity and skill as part of the 2020 Act In Space 24 hour hackathon.
[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg's COVID-19 fight
Published on Thursday, 24 September 2020
Salah Ghamizi is a PhD student at SnT and a member of Professor Yves Le Traon’s Security Design and Validation Research Group.
SnT on Stage at ICT Spring 2020
ICT Spring Image
Published on Friday, 18 September 2020
Earlier this week SnT’s experts were featured in the speaker line-up of ICT Spring 2020 in Luxembourg - an event that gathers business decisions makers, innovation managers, startups, researchers ...
University Spin-off Databourg Tackles Flash Flooding With Satellite
Published on Monday, 14 September 2020
Rain nowcasting, a technology used to warn of imminent flash flooding and other extreme weather events, has been reimagined by the start-up Databourg Systems, the first Space sector spin-off to come ...
Prof. Bissyandé Receives ERC Grant for Software Repair Research
Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
Published on Thursday, 03 September 2020
Professor Tegawendé F. Bissyandé from the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has been awarded the prestigious Starting Grant by the ...
Behind the News: Interview with Tegawendé F. Bissyandé
Published on Thursday, 03 September 2020
Today the University announced that Prof. Tegawendé F. Bissyandé from the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has been awarded an ERC ...
[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg's COVID-19 fight
Published on Tuesday, 01 September 2020
Dr Jorge Augusto Meira and PhD student Fernando Kaway Carvalho Ota work together at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT). As a research ...
[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg's COVID-19 fight
Profile photo of Jun Pang
Published on Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Dr. Jun Pang is a research scientist at the University of Luxembourg’s Faculty of Science, Technology, and Medicine (FSTM) and its Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust ...
[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg's COVID-19 fight
Profile Photo of Lisa Veiber
Published on Wednesday, 05 August 2020
Lisa Veiber is a research and development specialist at the University of Luxembourg's SnT. A native Luxembourger, Veiber spent five years in the United Kingdom before moving back home. She holds an ...
University Spin-off DataThings Partners on Computer Vision Research
Published on Thursday, 30 July 2020
The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has signed a partnership with DataThings to conduct research on intelligent software systems for ...
Partnership Strengthens Luxembourg’s Smart Mobility Industry
Civil Maps
Published on Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Silicon Valley start-up Civil Maps and the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) announce a research partnership focused on autonomous ...
EU Commission approved European Space University for Earth & Humanity
Published on Friday, 10 July 2020
The University of Luxembourg is a partner in the project “European University - European Space University for Earth and Humanity” (UNIVERSEH), approved by the European Commission under the ...
Cutting-Edge Research for Novel Satellite-Terrestrial Networks
Published on Thursday, 09 July 2020
A six-year research partnership between the University and SES will be funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund’s Industrial Partnership Block Grant programme.
How machine learning can help assess SME credit risk
Yoba Smart Money Logo
Published on Tuesday, 07 July 2020
A new partnership between SnT and Yoba Smart Money, a Luxembourgish technology start-up, will explore the use of machine learning to assess the credit risk associated with Small and Medium ...
New Space Master website launched, apply today!
Published on Wednesday, 01 July 2020
Just in time for Asteroid Day, the University of Luxembourg unveiled its brand new website offering interested students a deep dive into the Interdisciplinary Space Master.
Academic promotions announced
Published on Friday, 26 June 2020
The University of Luxembourg is pleased to announce the following academic promotions.
University’s supercomputer supports fight against COVID-19
HPC Uni.lu
Published on Friday, 26 June 2020
The University’s High-Performance Computing (HPC) facility has significantly contributed to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic since mid-March 2020.
The Skill Set for the Future of Financial Services
Published on Friday, 26 June 2020
New technologies are already making massive changes to the financial sector and professionals in Luxembourg are gearing up to ensure the country maintains its competitive edge. SnT’s PayPal-FNR ...
[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg's COVID-19 fight
Peter Ryan profile text
Published on Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Peter Ryan is Professor of Applied Security at University of Luxembourg’s SnT. He brings some 30 years of experience as a privacy and information security researcher to the fight against COVID-19. ...
[Article series] The experts behind Luxembourg's COVID-19 fight
Published on Tuesday, 16 June 2020
Dr Raphael Frank is a research scientist and entrepreneur at the University of Luxembourg’s SnT. He is applying his expertise in computer vision to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. ...
University projects receive additional funding to research COVID-19
Published on Wednesday, 03 June 2020
The FNR has published the results of its second COVID-19 Fast Track Call. Eight projects from the University of Luxembourg have been retained for funding, representing a financial commitment of ...
University Releases Beta of COVID-19 Exit Strategy Simulator
Exit Strategy Simulator
Published on Monday, 25 May 2020
A team at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), led by SnT Vice-Director Yves Le Traon, has developed an online tool to simulate ...
European Research Council Recognises SnT Radar Project
Proof of Concept SnT
Published on Monday, 18 May 2020
Prof. Björn Ottersten, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), has received a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) grant from the European Research Council (ERC). The ...
SnT Director Recognised by IEEE for Signal Processing Work
Published on Friday, 15 May 2020
At the ICASSP conference held virtually last week SnT Director Björn Ottersten received the IEEE Signal Processing Magazine Best Column Award, with co-authors Prof Emil Björnson (Linköping ...
Balancing IT Security and Privacy Rights for Contact Tracing
Published on Wednesday, 13 May 2020
A critical information infrastructure-based approach to contact tracing. Editorial by Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo
SnT 2019 Annual Report is Live
Annual Report Cover - 10 Years of Research
Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2020
Last year SnT continued to make strides in innovation as it marked its tenth year of cutting-edge ICT research. Highlights from the year have been collected for the 2019 Annual Report, where we go ...
Carlo Duprel: Connecting Innovation
Published on Wednesday, 29 April 2020
Carlo Duprel, Head of the Technology Transfer Office sat down with DUKE magazine to describe how SnT stimulates Luxembourg’s innovation ecosystem.
Preparing for the Future of FinTech
Published on Wednesday, 04 March 2020
Prof. Gilbert Fridgen who leads the FINATRAX research group at SnT speaks with us about the challenges the financial service companies will be confronted to. 
Learning Satellite Mission Design with CubeSats
Published on Wednesday, 26 February 2020
A highlight of the newly launched Interdisciplinary Space Master (ISM) at the University of Luxembourg is the CubeSat laboratory, where students design and build a satellite mission.
Inventing Autonomy for In-Orbit Satellite Repairs
SnT LIFT ME UP University of Luxembourg
Published on Thursday, 13 February 2020
The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) signed a partnership agreement with the space start-up LIFT ME OFF (LMO). The cooperation provides ...
Megeno and University partner to develop EU-wide genome data services
Published on Monday, 20 January 2020
Megeno S.A. and the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) signed a partnership agreement on the development of user-centred, transparent and ...
The 360Lab: An Interdisciplinary Hub for Smart Mobility
Published on Thursday, 16 January 2020
Autonomous vehicle technology is already sending ripples through the automotive industry. And here in Luxembourg, Dr Raphael Frank, a Research Scientist at the University of Luxembourg’s Centre for ...
Turning researchers into entrepreneurs
Published on Thursday, 19 December 2019
Jacek Plucinski left his native Poland two years ago and joined SnT as a Technology Transfer Officer in 2018. He wanted to keep developing a career he kicked off over 10 years ago working in ...
Research across cultures, as well as disciplines
Published on Thursday, 14 November 2019
Marharyta Aleksandrva is a postdoc at SnT. Hailing from Ukraine, she earned her PhD in Computer Science as part of a French-Ukrainian dual doctoral supervision program – often called a cotutelle ...
Satellite Pre-coding Clears Congested Airwaves
Published on Wednesday, 13 November 2019
Access the Internet wherever and whenever you need to, whether in a plane or out at sea.  Buy land, they’re not making any more of it.” Mark Twain’s famous advice was probably sound for the ...
University brings workshops to Luxembourg’s Science Festival
Science Festival 2019
Published on Monday, 11 November 2019
The University of Luxembourg fascinated visitors with scientific displays at the Science Festival held from 7 to 10 November 2019 in Luxembourg City. Thousands of guests attended the four-day event ...
Data is the new gold for this Brazilian native
Published on Wednesday, 06 November 2019
Jorge Augusto Meira left his native Brazil to join SnT in 2016. The research associate works on data: big data, data engineering, data management, machine learning and so on. They say data is the ...
SnT Team wins Facebook Software Testing Competition
Published on Wednesday, 30 October 2019
When Facebook develops new features, they rely on software-quality engineers to ensure that everything will work according to plan. When their tests indicate a problem, these software-quality ...
Partnership CSSF - SnT
CSSF and Uni.lu sign agreement
Published on Thursday, 24 October 2019
On 24 October 2019, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), and the University of Luxembourg’s Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) officially signed, in the ...
SnT Researcher Takes Team to Robotics Youth Olympics
Published on Tuesday, 22 October 2019
It’s not always easy being a researcher in automation and robotics. Tell someone what you do, and there’s a good chance they’ll ask you if you’re planning on automating their job.
How a research partnership wins awards
Published on Monday, 21 October 2019
Doctoral researcher Amin Sleimi and senior research scientist Dr Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, part of SnT’s SVV requirements engineering team, won a Best Industrial Paper Award at the 2019 IEEE ...
The thing I like most about SnT? Multiculturalism.
Published on Wednesday, 16 October 2019
Serket Quintanar Guzman is from a little city about 3 hours south of Mexico-City. Through her academic network, she was introduced to professor Dr. Holger Voos. 
Two FnR Inter Grants Awarded to SnT
Published on Monday, 14 October 2019
We’re pleased to announce that the French Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) and their partners at Luxembourg’s Funds Nationale de la Recherche (FNR) have awarded two of our own -- Professor ...
It Wasn’t Me: Deniability in a Post-Quantum World
Published on Thursday, 10 October 2019
The quantum supremacy — the point at which quantum computers will begin to outperform traditional computers — is just around the corner. Quantum supercomputers will be able to execute ...
PayPal, University and the FNR announce new Chair in FinTech
Published on Monday, 07 October 2019
Prof. Gilbert Fridgen has been appointed the inaugural PayPal-FNR PEARL Chair in Digital Financial Services which will allow him to conduct scientific research at the digital transformation of ...
I Came to SnT to Create Something from Scratch
Published on Thursday, 03 October 2019
Professor Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo joined SnT in 2014. He previously led a research unit at the University of Lisbon and came to Luxembourg to build a new group focused on tackling extreme threats to ...
Saving Lives at the Sharp End of Software Engineering
Published on Monday, 30 September 2019
According to the last major study in IT project failures, conducted by McKinsey and University of Oxford, half of all large IT projects “massively blow” their budgets. These large projects ...
Cybersecurity Buffet with Diversity on the Menu
Published on Thursday, 26 September 2019
In 1986, two programmers, Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi, started receiving phone calls from all over the world. Angry phone calls, from angry IBM PC users demanding that the brothers ...
Researchers uncover privacy flaw in e-passports
Privacy Flaw in e-Passports
Published on Wednesday, 25 September 2019
ESORICS 2019 Conference: Researchers at the University of Luxembourg have discovered a flaw in the security standard used in biometric passports (e-passports) worldwide since 2004. This standard, ...
How to Stop Ransomware in its Tracks? Take Away its Tools
Published on Wednesday, 25 September 2019
Right around the time that the WannaCry ransomware began to wreak havoc globally, SnT’s Ziya Alper Genç, had a big idea. 'It became my obsession,' says Genç. 'I had this idea that I just ...
I Joined by Chance, but Won’t Be Leaving
Tegawendé Bissyande
Published on Friday, 13 September 2019
Tegawendé Bissyande took an unorthodox path to SnT before joining in 2013 to work on mobile security and automated program repair.
3D Tech for Stroke Survivors
Published on Thursday, 05 September 2019
Walking into the 4th-floor conference room at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), I was expecting to see something big and unusual
Smart Schoul 2025
Published on Tuesday, 03 September 2019
Every morning the students of the Lycee Edward Steichen at Clervaux (LESC) walk through the front doors and past something rather unusual — a round platform partially enclosed by two white screens.
I was Attracted by SnT’s Industry Collaboration Model
Published on Monday, 12 August 2019
We welcomed researcher Mike Sabetzadeh to SnT in 2012, and ever since he’s been at the heart of our work in software requirements engineering. Having studied in Canada and held research positions ...
I Help Researchers Commercialise their Work
Published on Wednesday, 31 July 2019
Cécile Petit joined SnT eight years ago to take on the challenge of coordinating research projects with experts in software engineering. Today she also manages projects in technology transfer, ...
I Came to SnT in Search of New Challenges
Published on Monday, 15 July 2019
Gabriele Lenzini joined SnT exactly one year after we opened our doors, in search of new interdisciplinary challenges. Today he leads research in the APSIA Research Group’s IRiSCLab, the Laboratory ...
Aligning Public and Private Investment in ICT Research
Published on Wednesday, 10 July 2019
The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) has awarded funding to seven industry collaborations at the University of Luxembourg, of which four are taking place at SnT. The support comes through ...
I was one of the first researchers at SnT
Published on Monday, 01 July 2019
Bhavani Shankar was one of the first employees at SnT. He’s come a long way since joining as a fresh-faced post-doc in 2009, and now manages teams and projects working on satellite communication ...
Autonomous Driving… on the Moon
Published on Thursday, 27 June 2019
Developing autonomous vehicles for use on Earth is already a major research challenge, occupying some of the brightest minds in science. Not to be outdone, a team of researchers at the University of ...
Security Project of the Year Award for SnT Team
Published on Wednesday, 12 June 2019
A team of SnT researchers, working in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Standardisation, Accreditation, Safety and Quality of Products and Services (ILNAS), has won the Information ...
Partnership Day Marks a Decade of SnT
Published on Friday, 07 June 2019
In the fast moving world of ICT all eyes are constantly on the next challenge, whether that be self-driving cars, smart factories or augmented reality. For once, SnT researchers and industry ...
Ten Years of SnT – What We've Achieved Together
Published on Thursday, 25 April 2019
The University of Luxembourg has reached a new milestone in its history: ten years of operations for its Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT).
Law and Technology: How to Police the Privacy Beat
Published on Friday, 05 April 2019
“Most websites and web services, including Google's, don't change their behaviour when they receive a Do Not Track request. Chrome doesn't provide details of which websites and web services respect ...
Accomplishing Transparency within the GDPR
Published on Monday, 25 March 2019
On 21 January 2019 the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) handed Google the largest ever penalty for a breach of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The 50 million euro fine penalised ...
First Reputation-based system improves Blockchain security
Published on Friday, 22 March 2019
In June 2014 Bitcoin users were confronted with the unthinkable. A Bitcoin mining pool called Ghash.io had attained control over 51% of the network's total mining power. Bitcoin users, miners and ...
Ten Year Most Influential Paper in Web Service Testing
Published on Friday, 22 March 2019
With Easter fast approaching and summer on the horizon, the chances are that you’ll soon be trawling the web looking for holiday destinations, hotels and flights. For those of us booking in a rush ...
SnT goes #BalanceForBetter on International Women’s Day
Published on Thursday, 07 March 2019
Why #IWD19? International Women's Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. But it’s also a call to action for accelerating gender ...
Open Day 2019: Get up close and personal with our research activities!
Published on Wednesday, 06 March 2019
The 2019 open day at the University of Luxembourg marks a special milestone for two of its interdisciplinary research centres: SnT and LCSB are turning 10! All the more reason to swing by and take a ...
SnT at Heart of Major EU Cybersecurity Push
Published on Tuesday, 26 February 2019
The European Commission announces today the launch of four Cybersecurity Competence Networks -- a new initiative to accelerate cybersecurity research by drawing together Europe’s leading experts.
From Filling Potholes in Algeria to Hackathon-winning App
Published on Monday, 25 February 2019
Have you ever considered grabbing a shovel, a bag of sand and going out to fill in potholes in the street? If you live in Luxembourg, where efforts to keep roads well maintained could be described as ...
Ready, Steady, CODE! What Challenges Await at Game of Code
Published on Thursday, 21 February 2019
Luxembourg’s largest annual hackathon, Game of Code, is back. And this year, on 8th and 9th March at Forum Geesseknäppchen, you and your team of coders can test yourselves against challenges set ...
Partnership with NVIDIA Boosts Research in Artificial Intelligence
Published on Thursday, 31 January 2019
Luxembourg’s research community, the Luxembourg Government, and NVIDIA announced today the creation of a joint AI laboratory in Luxembourg. This national AI collaboration, the first with NVIDIA in ...
SnT in Flagship Projects to Bring 5G to our Roads
Published on Wednesday, 30 January 2019
It has happened to all of us: at midnight on New Year’s Eve we pick up our mobile phones and try to call or write our loved ones. And then, nothing. The network is too crowded and we start the New ...
Solving Ethical Dilemmas in AI
Published on Monday, 21 January 2019
If the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show taught us one thing, it’s that artificial intelligence is still capturing the public imagination and leading headlines. Continuing developments in fields ...
Using Smart Mobility to Improve Cross Border Commute
Published on Friday, 11 January 2019
With some 45% of Luxembourg’s workforce coming from Belgium, France and Germany, the transport network in and out of the country is a vital part of the Greater Region’s infrastructure. And with ...
SnT Spinoffs Begin Year on Front Foot at CES
Published on Monday, 07 January 2019
Every year, speculations abound as to what will be unveiled at CES, Las Vegas, the consumer electronics show introducing the next generation of innovations to the international marketplace. If you ...
Enabling IoT in Remote Regions
Published on Wednesday, 28 November 2018
For industries operating in remote regions of the world, connectivity remains a constant challenge. Far away from terrestrial communication towers, operations in these distant areas rely on satellite ...
SnT Partners with VNX to Create Secure Marketplace for Digital Assets
Published on Friday, 23 November 2018
The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) today announced their partnership with VNX Exchange, the trading platform for tokenized venture ...
Future of Airport Security Field-tested in Luxembourg
FLYSEC in situ test
Published on Tuesday, 06 November 2018
The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), together with lux-Airport, has field-tested a hi-tech airport security system, paving the way for ...
Another Step towards Testing Satellites in Cyberspace
Published on Friday, 02 November 2018
Thanks to the work of researchers at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, companies developing satellites, cars and other Cyber-Physical Systems, are one-step closer to ...
Computer Vision Researcher Wins top Biometrics Award
Published on Friday, 19 October 2018
Dr. Rig Das has won the European Association for Biometrics Research Award 2018 for his work on face recognition and finger vein-based biometric identification.
The robots are coming. But not for your jobs.
Published on Wednesday, 17 October 2018
"The robots are coming. But not for your jobs." This is something of a mantra for Dr. Miguel Olivares-Mendez, who has devoted the past five years to building a unique aerial drone lab at the ...
Novel Greedy Solution to Interference Wins Best Paper Award
Published on Wednesday, 10 October 2018
Some 130 years after the invention of wireless communication, we now take services such as satellite navigation and international phone calls for granted. But beaming data thousands of miles into ...
University of Luxembourg & Linklaters Develop Legal Tech Tool
Published on Monday, 01 October 2018
The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) will collaborate with law firm Linklaters to develop automated Legal Tech. In a first of its kind ...
Securing Cars Against the Hackers of Tomorrow
Published on Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Hackers are infamous for going after bank accounts, emails of presidential candidates or the control centres of power plants. IT experts are familiar with these attacks and have a high success rate ...
SnT Drone Team Wins Prestigious US Navy Award
Published on Monday, 24 September 2018
Excellence in drone swarming recognised by prestigious award
International Recognition for Work in Wireless Communications
Published on Thursday, 20 September 2018
Professor Björn Ottersten, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) ...
Best Paper Award for Novel Approach to Wireless Spectrum Shortage
Published on Monday, 17 September 2018
We can’t see them, but the radio frequencies used for wireless communication, whether via satellites or cellular networks, are some of the world’s most valuable resources. And they are finite.
New Machine Learning Methods Prevent Cyber-espionage
Published on Friday, 17 August 2018
IT systems are no longer modelled on castles, with high walls and a portcullis over the gate. Instead, security teams have accepted that determined attackers will find a way in, and now spend as much ...
You Are Welcome: A Guide for Refugees
Published on Monday, 30 July 2018
The smartphone – one of the most important resources for a refugee. It helps them stay in touch with family back home and it is also a way to stay abreast of current affairs or talk with other ...
Get Shapified at Belle Étoile this August
Published on Friday, 06 July 2018
This summer, take the chance to get scanned in 3D at Belle Étoile. Our scientists will be at Belle Étoile from 7-27 August 2018 with their Artec 3D Shapify Booth.
Privacy Flag: an EU-funded Project Success Story
Published on Thursday, 05 July 2018
It’s early days for the GDPR, but the regulation, along with recent high-profile cases such as the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica fallout, has already had a big impact on the public consciousness. ...
SnT Enters into Collaborative Fintech Agreement with LHoFT
Published on Thursday, 21 June 2018
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology Foundation (LHoFT) to develop ...
Go Big or go Home: SnT Partnership Day Attracts High-Stakes Crowd
Published on Friday, 08 June 2018
Partnership Day is our flagship event celebrating research collaborations with public and private partners in Luxembourg. This year’s edition drew over 350 attendees from international industry and ...
Testing the untestable
Published on Wednesday, 16 May 2018
It’s the same for everything from smartphones to cars: every product has to be tested before it leaves the factory. But in complex systems, which integrate large amounts of hardware and software, ...
Datacentres and GPUs: beyond the buzzwords
Published on Tuesday, 10 April 2018
Key figures from across Luxembourg’s datacenter community recently joined SnT and Digital Luxembourg to hear from a panel of international speakers on the technological changes that will be driving ...
Best Paper Award for Research on Stroke Rehabilitation
Published on Monday, 09 April 2018
A team of researchers at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has developed a new system for supporting stroke survivors in their ...
New partnership brings industry 4.0 to Luxembourg
L’industrie 4.0 s’invite au Luxembourg grâce à un nouveau partenariat
Published on Friday, 06 April 2018
The University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) has entered a collaborative research partnership with manufacturing firm Cebi.
Natural Language Processing facilitates software development
Published on Thursday, 29 March 2018
New Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies to prevent project failures and delays resulting from inadequate software requirements.
The University presented itself during its annual Open Day
Published on Monday, 19 March 2018
The 12th  Open Day, which took place on Saturday 17 March, attracted close to 3,500 visitors from the Greater Region to Belval campus.
SnT, Clearstream and escent explore Artificial Intelligence in FinTech
Lionel Briand
Published on Friday, 02 February 2018
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg has entered a collaborative research partnership with financial firm Clearstream, part of ...
New SnT Technology on Show at CES, Las Vegas
Published on Thursday, 11 January 2018
Every January the eyes of the tech world turn to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, which introduces the next-generation of innovations to the marketplace.
Web Service Testing Models Stand Test of Time
Published on Thursday, 09 November 2017
Dr. Shiva Nejati, Research Scientist at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, has been awarded the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies Conference’s (CASCON) 10 Year Most ...
Let’s Get Shapified!
Published on Wednesday, 08 November 2017
Scientists at the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with Artec 3D are working on the future of 3D scanning, and they need YOU!
Award for first Step towards Unified Communications Standards
Published on Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Alireza Haqiqatnejad, PhD Candidate at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT), has received the Best Student Paper Award at the prestigious ...
SnT’s new Algorithm can Make you Move like a Pro
Published on Thursday, 19 October 2017
Film goers are already well accustomed to highly convincing animated figures, whether it be Andy Serkis as a Chimpanzee in Planet of the Apes or Peter Cushing seemingly brought back to life for Star ...
Meet One of the World’s Top Scholars
Published on Friday, 13 October 2017
Who doesn’t like Top Ten lists? We were pleased to see our Vice-Director and FNR PEARL Chair Lionel C. Briand nominated as one of the Ten Most Influential Scholars of 2016 in Software Engineering. ...
Researcher Addresses Gap in Messaging Privacy
Jiangshan Yu
Published on Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Following Edward Snowden’s revelations about government mass surveillance, end-to-end encryption is now widely available through services such as Facebook’s WhatsApp. The technique ensures that ...
SnT at the Heart of Luxembourg's ICT Community
Published on Monday, 09 October 2017
The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) was delighted to be a part of Q-leap's third Luxembourg Software Testing Event on 5 October 2017 at Forum Da Vinci. This event ...
Blockchain in Luxembourg: Meet the Man Behind Hyperledger
Published on Wednesday, 20 September 2017
We’re positively beaming. By becoming associate members of Hyperledger, an open-source collaborative consortium dedicated to enhancing Blockchain technology, we’ve effectively laid a milestone. ...
Luxembourg Stock Exchange Partners up with SnT
Luxembourg Stock Exchange FinTech Partnership SnT
Published on Wednesday, 13 September 2017
It’s official: representatives from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and the Luxembourg Stock Exchange met at LuxSE headquarters in Luxembourg on 12 September ...
Dr. Zhe Liu Features in 'Spotlight on Young Researchers'
Published on Tuesday, 05 September 2017
Dr. Zhe Liu, Research Associate at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), has been featured in the Fonds National de la Recherche's Spotlight on Young Researchers, a ...
SnT Drone Research Cooks up a Swarm at Cybernetics Conference
Published on Tuesday, 08 August 2017
A team of Researchers at the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT) and Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) received the ...
You May Also Like: SnT Researcher Enhances Recommender Privacy
Published on Thursday, 03 August 2017
Jun Wang of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust at the University of Luxembourg has been awarded the Best Student Paper Award at the 32nd International Conference on ICT ...
Making Travel Faster, Safer and more Energy Efficient
Published on Wednesday, 26 July 2017
More and more manufacturers are producing electric cars with cruise control technology. While it is quite comfortable to have the car accelerate and brake on its own, it doesn’t do so in an ...
The Swedish Ambassador at SnT
Published on Monday, 10 July 2017
The Swedish Ambassador to Luxembourg and Belgium, Annika Hahn-Englund, and Consul-General for Luxembourg Claes-Johan Geijer, recently paid a visit to the University of Luxembourg’s ...
Honda invests in car key security research with SnT
The smart device developed by the SnT
Published on Thursday, 06 July 2017
New key systems allow car owners to enter and start their vehicle without ever touching a key. But the technology is not entirely safe. That is why two ICT experts from the Interdisciplinary Centre ...
Product Line Provides Winning Approach for SnT Researcher
Published on Tuesday, 13 June 2017
Dr Jabier Martinez has been awarded an honourable mention by the Groupement de Recherche Génie de la Programmation et du Logiciel (GDR GPL). The award celebrates his PhD thesis written during his ...
SnT and ABBL Collaborate on FinTech KYC Solution
Published on Tuesday, 13 June 2017
All financial institutions are subject to strict Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, according to which client identity must be carefully verified. This helps to avoid money laundering and ...
SnT Researcher Wins Tech Transfer Award
Published on Tuesday, 06 June 2017
Patrick Glauner snatched the best overall project prize at the Bridging the GAP research fair for his on-going PhD project on the detection of non-technical losses using artificial intelligence. ...
Open and transparent access to legal data
Legilux, Journal officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Published on Wednesday, 31 May 2017
The Ministry of State’s Service central de législation (SCL) has partnered up with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg to develop ...
SnT Team Wins Big at Hackathon
Published on Monday, 15 May 2017
A team of researchers from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT) has come away with joint first prize at the inaugural LuxBlockHackathon. They share the award of 1.5 ...
Luxembourg IoT Security Challenge: Deadline 15 July 2017
Published on Thursday, 27 April 2017
Meet the challenge of IoT Security Innovation
Chinese Government Award fans the flames for SnT Researcher
Published on Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Jiangshan Yu from the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust at the University of Luxembourg has been awarded the 'Chinese Government Award for outstanding students abroad.'
SnT Scientist Wins University Thesis Award
Published on Tuesday, 11 April 2017
Dr. Chetan Arora of the University of Luxembourg's Interdisciplinary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust has been awarded the University's 'Best Computer Science and Communications PhD Thesis ...
PayPal supports SnT Chair in FinTech
Published on Friday, 10 March 2017
PayPal (Europe), the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR) and the University of Luxembourg have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create an FNR PEARL Chair in Digital Financial Services ...
Dr. Marc Lemmer Joins SnT Tech Transfer Office
Published on Wednesday, 01 February 2017
SnT engages Dr. Marc Lemmer at Bridging Gaps, to further develop its Technology Transfer activities. The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at SnT was launched in 2014 to support transition of ...
Best paper Award for Adriana Aguilera-Gonzalez
Dr. Adriana Aguilera-Gonzalez receives her award from the Dr Lee Yoot Khuan
Published on Wednesday, 25 January 2017
SnT researcher Dr. Adriana Aguilera-Gonzalez has been presented with the award for best professional paper at the IEEE Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (IECBES 2016) held in Kuala ...