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Prof. Lionel Briand Receives Second ICSE Award

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Published on Friday, 28 May 2021

Congratulations to Prof. Lionel Briand for receiving the International Conference on Software Engineering’s (ICSE) ACM Most Influential Paper Award for 2021! The prestigious award was for the work titled A Practical Guide for Using Statistical Tests to Assess Randomized Algorithms in Software Engineering, originally published in 2011.

The ICSE Conference on Software Engineering is a premier software engineering conference that has been held since 1975. The Most Influential Paper Award (MIP) is given once a year for the paper that has had the most influence on the theory or practice of software engineering during the ten years since its original publication.

Co-authored with Andrea Arcuri, Prof. Briand’s paper provides guidelines to analyse and compare randomised algorithms (e.g., automated testing, program repair) in software engineering based on a systematic and critical review of the scientific literature. It has been cited nearly 600 times on ResearchGate alone and more on other academic platforms.


This is Prof. Briand’s second time receiving the award, the first in 2015 for the work titled Is Mutation an Appropriate Tool for Testing Experiments?. Prof. Briand is one of only two people in his field to have received this award twice.

“ICSE is the flagship conference for the software engineering research community. Getting the Most Influential Paper Award once is already an incredible honour, but twice is truly unexpected,” said Prof Briand. “I am proud that this work has been useful for so many of my fellow researchers, as that was why we set out to publish it. And I am very grateful that I was able to collaborate with someone as talented as Andrea Arcuri on this paper and many others.“

The ICSE MIP award adds to a number of honours Prof. Briand has already received for his groundbreaking work. In 2020, he was elevated to the rank of Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). He has also been a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) since 2010, and has received a number of other prestigious awards from the same organisation. In addition, he was also the first Luxembourg-based researcher to receive an ERC Advanced Grant, in 2016. 

This year’s main event will last four days with additional events making up the entire ICSE experience. With five keynote speakers, technical tracks, workshops, presentations on new and emerging trends, and hundreds of paper submissions, the conference is a lively forum for researchers to gather and address the challenges of their field.