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Prof. Yves Le Traon Elevated to IEEE Fellow

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Published on Thursday, 09 December 2021

The IEEE Board of Directors awarded the prestigious grade of Fellow to Prof. Le Traon, vice-director of SnT and head of the Security, Reasoning and Validation (SerVal) research group for his contribution to software analysis and testing. Le Traon studies software engineering, with a focus on software testing and software security. His areas of interest include, but are not limited to innovative testing, machine learning techniques and Android security. 

Starting 1 January 2022, Prof. Le Traon will be honoured with the elevation to the highest grade of IEEE membership. The Fellow distinction is conferred to IEEE members who have achieved extraordinary qualifications in any of the institution’s field of interest. The institute’s designated fields include engineering, computer sciences, technical communications and more. Potential IEEE Fellow candidates can be nominated by anyone, including non-IEEE members. After elevation to Fellow status, the laureate will receive an IEEE pin and certificate to serve as a recognition of the status elevation. Less than 0.1% of IEEE members are selected annually for this prestigious title. 

“As a researcher in software engineering, the elevation to IEEE Fellow is a major achievement in a career and a recognition by the peers for contributions to software analysis and testing. I am extremely honored, and I see this personal recognition as reflecting the excellence of the research conducted in Luxembourg and particularly in SnT in this area. Without a supportive environment and competent colleagues, this would not have been possible. Researchers rarely work alone,” said Prof. Le Traon.   

In October 2021, Prof. Le Traon was also featured as a renowned expert in the field of software engineering, within his field of testing, model-driven engineering, security, adaptive systems and resilience. This recognition was announced in the Journal of Systems and Software as part of a bibliometric study of software engineering themes, scholars and institutions.  

IEEE is to this day the largest institution for technical professionals across the globe and is universally acknowledged for its technological contributions to society. IEEE was founded in 1884, shortly after the invention of the first telegraph, which created the first electrical communications system at the time. There are now more 400,000 IEEE members in over 160 countries, including experts from SnT, with their core mission being to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE has over five million documents in their digital library and actively participate to the dissemination of literature in their fields of interest. 

We would like to again extend our warmest congratulations to Prof. Yves Le Traon for achieving Fellow status!