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SnT 2019 Annual Report is Live

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Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Last year SnT continued to make strides in innovation as it marked its tenth year of cutting-edge ICT research. Highlights from the year have been collected for the 2019 Annual Report, where we go in-depth on a selection of research projects and look back at the achievements of the past decade.

It is available to read here and to download here.

In this edition our Director begins by describing the foundations for SnT’s continued success and our outlook for the future. The report goes on to give an overview the numbers that define what SnT is today, now counting 320 members of our team and 47 partners that work with us on industrial projects.



In the section titled Research Unleashed readers can find a special feature on our work in the space sector, as well as 15 different stories about our accomplishments in the past year. The report wraps up with a new section celebrating our tenth anniversary, with a review of everything we have achieved in the space of a decade. Here we included interviews with SES, LuxAI, and Sheila Becker, which are each one of our first industrial partners, spin-offs, and PhD graduates, respectively.



As we look towards the future it can be meaningful to review the past, and we hope that every member of our extended community finds the 2019 report an engaging way to do just that!