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Luxembourg: The New Space capital?

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Speaker: Björn Ottersten
Event date: Thursday, 22 October 2020 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

The expression "New Space" is commonly misunderstood to mean a renewal of the space sector, when in fact New Space refers to the massive influx of new players in the field with commercial visions. Two entrepreneurial figures, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, both characterise and dominate the movement, but there are entrepreneurs all over the world now looking to the sky for their next big win.

In the previous decades the space sector has been defined by public projects of study or exploration, technology testing, and large commercial endeavours in the form of satellite connectivity. Yet in recent years, the industry has gone through a massive shift as access to space has become more affordable. Now CubeSats (small, lightweight spacecraft) can be launched by start-ups looking to capitalise on the data that can be gathered from orbit for use on the ground, creating a whole new economy from Space. The business models primarily focused on data are new, but it is clear that in order to ensure a healthy ROI the technology being developed must be capable of meeting commercial objectives.

This event will discuss this and more, addressing: What are the prospects for New Space in Luxembourg? What are its strong points on the international scene? What roles should the State and private actors play in order to orient research towards what is "useful"? What are the main challenges Luxembourg has to face?

To answer these questions, the Paperjam Club and SnT offer you a unique conference that will bring together a mixed panel of experts from the institutional world, academia and the private sector.

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