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Researchers' Days 2022

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Event date: Friday, 25 November 2022 12:00 pm - Saturday, 26 November 2022 12:00 pm

Now a key event for research in Luxembourg, Researchers' Days offers scientists a unique platform to present their work to a wide audience. Visitors can get hands-on, experiment, ask questions and get a very concrete and personal insight into the world of research.
A day dedicated exclusively to high schools.
Researchers' Days arouse great interest and enthusiasm among children and young people - the scientists of tomorrow! That is why the first day is reserved exclusively for secondary school students. This gives them a direct insight into research in Luxembourg, introduces them to the various research institutes, and allows them to ask scientists questions about their work and their daily professional lives.

See below what SnT has in store for you at the event. 

Intelligent Robots in mission!

Would you be able to accomplish a mission with intelligent robots in three minutes? Take control of the robots and see how they ‘react’ as a group. They are autonomous, perceive their environment thanks to different motion captures, and take their own decisions to lead their mission. Join Grégoire Danoy in this experience!

Lëtz create intelligent robots!

During this workshop on robotics, the children will learn to programme little robot drones and pilot them with one hand. SnT researcher Hriday Bavle will also show our robot dog, allowing participants to acquire a practical experience in the programming of robots used in industry.

The Moon Rover Sensation

Robots are used in space missions to reduce the risks and costs. On the Moon, these are mainly operated by humans from a control room on Earth. SnT researcher Dave Van der Meer will demonstrate how to pilot a robot dealing with a delay between Earth and the Moon.

Luxembourg will explore space like in Star Trek?
The voice of the SciLux podcast Hanna Siemaszko and our researcher Jan Thoemel will discuss the science behind Star Trek, and analyse its possibilities and limitations. The discussion will debate the role of Luxembourg in research and space exploration.

Design your own Moon Camp 

Help designing a Moon Camp: it should be adapted to the Moon environment, consider the use of local resources and provide protection and living and working facilities for the astronauts. SnT’s postdoc researcher Olivia Borgue will tell you all about space research.

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