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The Research Centre Shaping the Future of Technology

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Published on Thursday, 22 July 2021

Here at SnT, we have been partnering with institutions for more than 10 years, leading to the creation of highly relevant and competitive research in information and communication technology. Over this time, we have gathered nearly 60 enterprises as part of our Partnership Programme, and helped them to address the real challenges facing their sectors today.

In the August/September issue of Paperjam, and featured online here, is an overview of our centre’s activities, including our approach to research, our development over the last 11 years and how we transfer technology to companies based in Luxembourg and further afield.

The article features an interview with Carlo Duprel, head of the Technology Transfer Office, who explains why technology transfer is one of SnT’s most significant departments, as well as the benefits to companies, and the knock-on effect to Luxembourg’s talent pool. It also features interviews covering four of our strategic research areas – FinTech, cybersecurity, space systems and autonomous vehicles.

First, Prof. Jacques Klein explains how research within the TruX group has helped the financial sector to implement artificial intelligence, including specifically his work with BGL BNP Paribas. Then, Prof. Radu State, alongside Dr. Antonio Ken Iannillo and Dr. Sean Rivera explain their work on robotics security systems, and the importance of ensuring robots have protection against hacking. Following this, Prof. Symeon Chatzinotas explains his group, SIGCOM’s role in applying 5G communications to the space industry, including their involvement in a European Space Agency project set to achieve a worldwide first by verifying and validating a full-stack 5G transmission over a geostationary satellite. Finally, Dr. Georgios Varisteas shares his experience as the lead engineer in the creation of ‘Junior’ the heart of the 360Lab and what they’ve learned from inserting an AI system into a car.