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Research Associates

Heads of SnT Research Groups

Affiliated Faculty

Senior Research Scientists

Research Scientists

Research Fellows

  • ARCURI Andrea
  • ELASAAR Maged
  • FRANCOIS Jérôme 
  • ZIAFATI Pouyan

Tech Transfer Office

  • LEMMER Marc, Dr., Head of TTO
  • DE WACHTER Hannes, Industrial Research Fellow
  • FRANK Raphaël, Dr., Research Scientist
  • HARAND Aurore, Intellectual Property Advisor
  • JOHANNESSON Karl, Industrial Research Fellow
  • LAMPE Sigmar, Technology Transfer Officer
  • PETIT Cécile, Dr., Project Coordinator
  • SCHMIT Georges, Research Fellow
  • SCHWEITZER Jean, Partnership Development Manager
  • VON SCHEFFER Guido, Industrial Research Fellow

SnT Office

Technical Staff

PhD Candidates


  • CORDY Maxime, University of Namur (15/07/2017 - 30/09/2017)
  • GOETZ Detlev, Ville de Luxembourg (15/01/2016 - 31/12/2018)
  • JOROUGHI Vahid, AtlantTIC, University of Vigo (01/05/17 - 31/08/17) 

 PhD Alumni




Björn Ottersten - Director of SnT

Prof. Dr. Thomas Engel (SnT)

Prof. Lionel Briand (SnT)

Prof. Paulo Esteves-Verissimo (SnT)

Radu State (SnT)

Prof. Yves Le Traon (SnT)

Peter Ryan - Professor in Applied Security

Mark Cole - Associate Professor of Law

Prof. Holger Voos (SnT)

Leon Van Der Torre - Professor (SnT)