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Ludovic Mouline

Ludovic Mouline

PhD student

Faculty or Centre Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
29, avenue JF Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Campus Office JFK Building, E02-203
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 5254
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 35254

Ludovic has obtained his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, with a specialization in software architecture from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis. To complete his diploma, he joined the model-driven software engineering research group of SINTEF (a Norwegian research lab hosted at Oslo) for a six-months internship. During this period he participated to the development of a domain-specific modeling language for cyber-physical system management. Under the supervision of Brice Morin and Franck Fleurey he worked on a complex event-processing engine for embedded software systems. In addition, during his master, he worked on domain-specific language composition using service-oriented architectures for the integration.

Ludovic will work on the POST partnership project under the supervision of Prof. Yves Le Traon.

Last updated on: Friday, 27 November 2015

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See detailEnabling Temporal-Aware Contexts for Adaptative Distributed Systems
Mouline, Ludovic; Benelallam, Amine; Hartmann, Thomas; Fouquet, François; Bourcier, Johann; Morin, Brice; Barais, Olivier

in SAC 2018: SAC 2018: Symposium on Applied Computing , April 9--13, 2018, Pau, France (2018)

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See detailRaising Time Awareness in Model-Driven Engineering
Benelallam, Amine; Hartmann, Thomas; Mouline, Ludovic; Fouquet, François; Bourcier, Johann; Barais, Olivier; Le Traon, Yves

in 2017 ACM/IEEE 20th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (2017, September)

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See detailWeaving Rules into Models@run.time for Embedded Smart Systems
Mouline, Ludovic; Hartmann, Thomas; Fouquet, François; Le Traon, Yves; Bourcier, Johann; Barais, Olivier

in Mouline, Ludovic; Hartmann, Thomas; Fouquet, François; Le Traon, Yves; Bourcier, Johann; Barais, Olivier (Eds.) Programming '17 Companion to the first International Conference on the Art, Science and Engineering of Programming (2017, April)

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Full Text
See detailKevoreeJS: Enabling dynamic software reconfigurations in the Browser
Tricoire, Maxime; Barais, Olivier; Leduc, Manuel; Bourcier, Johann; Fouquet, François; Nain, Grégory; Mouline, Ludovic; Sunyé, Gerson; Morin, Brice

in WICSA/CompArch 2016 Proceedings (2016, March)

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