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Sergio Potenciano Menci

Doctoral researcher

Department FINATRAX
Postal Address Université du Luxembourg
29, avenue JF Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg
Campus Office JFK Building, E02-227
Telephone (+352) 46 66 44 9109

Sergio Potenciano Menci is a PhD researcher specializing in electricity (power systems). He is originally from Spain, where he got his bachelor's degree in Energy Engineering from the Mining and Energy Engineering school in Madrid (UPM). He specialized during his bachelor's in energy use and management, complemented by a 1-year Erasmus in Austria at the Montan University of Leoben. He attended courses ranging from Oil & Gas to power systems and electrical engineering. After his bachelor's, he continued his studies in the energy system at the applied university of upper Austria by attending the master's program in Energy Informatics. This program is an intersection between computing science, communication and information technologies (ICT) and electricity systems. 

After his studies and internships, Sergio joined the Electrical Energy System group (center of Energy) at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). He joined as a junior researcher working on several smart grid European projects (i.e., InterFlex and InteGrid). His research focused on the system architecture of Smart Grids and their modelling, operation and communication levels. Moreover, this focus was on the scalability and replicability of Smart Grids solutions. It involved developing methods for implementing scalability and replicability analysis (SRA) for the different smart grid functions (operation) and how these communicate (ICT). He used his experience and results to publish in conferences and peer-reviewed journals. After achieving the position of researcher and project manager at the AIT, he pushed for his doctoral studies at the University in Luxembourg. He aims to increase his holistic view of the energy system across Europe. Sergio joined the Digital Financial Services and Cross-Organizational Digital Transformations research Group, FINATRAX, headed by Prof. Gilbert Fridgen and Prof. Gilbert Fridgen will advise him.

His research during his doctoral studies capitalizes on his previous experience and knowledge from several smart grid projects on the distribution power system. He focuses on replicating several solutions and studies for flexibility impact assessment (SRA) on distribution networks (medium and low voltage). Additionally, his line of research also includes (1) the study of market-based approaches for flexibility procurement with a special dedication to local flexibility markets, covering topics such as design, impact and implementation; (2) investigating distributed computation for advanced forecasting using techniques such as Federated Learning with Neural Networks (LSTM), complemented with privacy-techniques and (3) the integration and leverage of electric vehicles/industry as flexibility sources following market-based approaches.

Last updated on: Tuesday, 06 December 2022

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See detailPrivacy-preserving federated learning for residential short-term load forecasting
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See detailFunctional Scalability and Replicability Analysis for Smart Grid Functions: The InteGrid Project Approach
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See detailScalability and Replicability Analysis of Grid Management Services in Low Voltage Networks in Local Flexibility Markets: an InterFlex analysis
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See detailOptimierung auf der Energiesynchronisationsplattform: Teil der Reihe Diskussionspapiere V4 Konzept der Energiesynchronisationsplattform
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Report (2021)

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See detailA Novel Methodology for the Scalability Analysis of ICT Systems for Smart Grids Based on SGAM: The InteGrid Project Approach
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