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SnT is an internationally leading research and innovations centre that together with partners works to establish Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence for secure, reliable, and trustworthy ICT systems and services. In this context SnT achieves excellence by targeting research topics that create high impact, well beyond the academic community.

This requires a balance between high-risk and long-term research activities and a goal-oriented, demand-driven approach. To achieve SnT's objectives, the long-term research is rooted in a thorough understanding of societal and industrial challenges. Promising outcomes and results from high-risk research are refined by tackling precisely defined, relevant problems and investigating solutions that are applicable and scalable in actual industrial and societal contexts.

Against this backdrop, SnT focuses on partnership, interdisciplinarity and competitiveness at an international level:

  • Cooperation with external partners is critical to the Centre’s success. A partnership programme allows external partners with a long term interest in developing secure and reliable ICT systems to contribute to the development of SnT at all levels.
  • Achieving secure, reliable and trustworthy ICT requires input from several research disciplines. Our application area focus fosters an interdisciplinary environment bringing together expertise from engineering, natural, law, and human/social sciences to address common challenges.
  • Excellence in research requires the Centre to be highly competitive at an international level. Within our strategic areas, SnT’s portfolio of European projects funded by the European Commission and the European Space Agency plays key role in establishing critical mass.
  • SnT is collaborating with different international partners from industry and academia on research projects.

Find out more about our research projects here.



Our Research Groups are:


APSIA - The Applied Security and Information Assurance Group (Prof Peter Ryan)

ARG - Automation Research Group (Prof Holger Voos)

CritiX - Critical and Extreme Security and Dependability Research Group (Prof Marcus Völp)

CryptoLux (Prof. Alex Biryukov)

CVI2 - Computer Vision, Imaging and Machine Intelligence Research Group (Prof Djamila Aouada) 

EINT - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and New Technology (Prof Christian Fisch)

FINATRAX - Digital Financial Services and Cross-Organisational Digital Transformations Research Group (Prof Gilbert Fridgen)

IRiSC - Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Interdisciplinary Research Group (Prof Dr Gabriele Lenzini)

PCOG - Parallel Computing & Optimisation Research Group (Prof Pascal Bouvry)

SEDAN - Service and Data Management in Distributed Systems (Prof Radu State)

SerVal - Security Design and Validation Research Group (Prof Yves Le Traon)

SIGCOM - Signal Processing and Communications (Prof Symeon Chatzinotas)

SPARC - Signal Processing Applications in Radar and Communications (Prof Bhavani Shankar)

SpaSys - Space Systems Engineering (Prof Andreas Hein)

SpaceR - Space Robotics Research Group (Prof Miguel Angel Olivares Mendez) 

TRuX - Trustworthy Software Engineering (Prof Bissyande Tegawende)

SVV - Software Verification and Validation Research Group (Prof Lionel Briand)

UBIX - Ubiquitous and Intelligent Systems (Prof Raphael Frank) 


SnT researchers are working on making high-speed internet available in the skies, over the ocean, and in remote locations.

Physicists and Computer Scientists of the University of Luxembourg are taking a new approach to develop anti-fraud and theft-proof identification systems. Their idea is to use liquid ...

3D face recognition – Different phases of face recognition are considered; starting from 3D face reconstruction, feature extraction to classification.

SnT Smart Cars 2013