APSIA Breakfast Talks

Google calendar for BK Talks.


  • Oct 18: Najmeh Soroush: Verifiable Inner-Product Encryption  
  • May 12: Jun Wang: Differentially private neighborhood-base recommender systems
  • April 12: Peter Y. A. Ryan: Auditable PAKEs: Approaching Fair Exchange Without a TTP
  • March 31: Balazs Pejo: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Outsourced Computation Verification


  • Dec 12: Dimiter Ostrev: The self-testing property of the CHSH(n) non-local games
  • Oct 17: Arash Atashpendar: Deniability in Quantum Protocols: A quantum approach towards coercion-resistance
  • Sep 22: Alfredo Rial: UC Commitments for Modular Protocol Design and Applications to Revocation and Attribute Tokens
  • Sep 08: Vincenzo Iovino: Verifiable e-voting without trusted parties using one-message NIWI proofs
  • July 04: Arash Atashpendar: Explorations in Quantum Protocols
  • Mar 24: Balazs Pejo: Protecting Integrity via game theory in outsourced computations
  • Feb 25: Dayana Spagnuelo: Patient-Centered Transparency Requirements for Medical Data Sharing Systems
  • Feb 19: Jun Wang: Recommender Systems and their security concerns


  • Dec 17: Vincenzo Iovino: Deniable Functional Encryption
  • Dec 10: Jose Miguel Becerra: An overview of the definitional foundations of Authenticated Key Exchange
  • Nov 26: Vincenzo Iovino: On the Possibility of Non-Interactive E-Voting in the Public-Key Setting
  • Nov 19: Afonso Arriaga: Functional Encryption for RAM programs
  • Oct 27: Arash Atashpendar: New Proofs and Theorems in the Realm of Supersequences and Subsequences
  • Aug 06: Miguel: Attribute-Based Signatures with Controllable Linkability
  • July 16: Massimo Chenal: Key recovery attacks on some homomorphic encryption schemes
  • July 2: Afonso Arriaga: Private Functional Encryption: Indistinguishability-Based Definitions and Constructions from Obfuscation
  • June 16: Masoud Tabatabaei: Strategic Noninterference
  • June 4: Marjan Skrobot: Report on the Real World Cryptography workshop 2015
  • May 21: Rosario Giustolisi: Secure Exams without a Trusted Third Party
  • April 30: Arash Atashpendar: Information Leakage due to Revealing Randomly Selected Bits
  • April 16: Peter Y. A. Ryan: Selene, Voter-Friendly Verifiable Elections


  • January 9: Masoud Tabatabaei: Introduction to Process Algebra (1)
  • January 23: Masoud Tabatabaei: Introduction to Process Algebra (2)
  • February 6: Peter Y. A. Ryan: Process algebraic characterizations of information flow
  • March 6: Marjan Skrobot: TBD
  • March 13: Miguel Urquidi: TBD


  • February 7: Jose Miguel Perez Urquidi: Introduction to Searchable Encryption 
  • March 7: Masoud Tabatabaei: Preventing. Coercion in E-Voting: Be Open and Commit
  • April 11: Qiang Tang: Enhance the Security of Searchable Encryption Schemes
  • April 18: Peter Y. A. Ryan: Enhancing and analyzing the BB’84 Quantum Key Establishment protocol
  • May 8: Rui Joaquim: Voter Verifiable Complex Ballots Encryption
  • May 31: Rosario Giustolisi: A Socio-technical Understanding of TLS Certificate Validation
  • July 11: Afonso Arriaga: Trapdoor Privacy in Asymmetric Searchable Encryption Schemes
  • August 1: Masoud Tabatabaei: Presenting a proof of Arrow's Theorem
  • September 12: Masoud Tabatabaei: Accumulative Knowledge under Bounded Resources
  • October 10: Gabriele Lenzini: Cryptographie à la Grecque
  • October 18: Massimo Chenal: A Survery of Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • November 7: Jean Lancrenon: hybrid arguments in proofs of security (1)
  • November 14: Jean Lancrenon: hybrid arguments in proofs of security (2)
  • November 28: Jean Lancrenon: hybrid arguments in proofs of security (3)

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