Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research in Sociotechnical Cybersecurity

The Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Research in Sociotechnical Cybersecurity (IRiSC Lab) gives visibility and continuity to a series of collaborative activities in security where researchers in computer science teamed up with researchers from other disciplines, mainly social science, physics, and law.

Those activities are motivated in the first place by the recognition that research in system cybersecurity today requires a holistic approach and a broader cross-disciplinary knowledge. The factors that strengthen or threaten cybersecurity are, in fact, to be found not only in a system’s information layer but also in the physical characteristics of the systems, like a card, in the system’s interactions with its users and in the users themselves. Furthermore, they are to be found in the societal context and in the legal, regulatory, and economic frameworks in which the system operates.

IRiSC Lab’s dedication to interdisciplinary research constitutes an ideal forum and a stimulating environment for anyone who intends to explore topics that require a cross- and inter- discipline interaction and expertise. The laboratory offers its long experience in setting and organizing interdisciplinary work. Team members and collaborators have complementary backgrounds, and are committed to take seriously the challenge to expand one’s cultural horizons and adventuring in dialogues with other disciplines, training their critical thinking and spirit of collaboration.

Past and on-going research and project in the IRiSC Lab’s have been in mainly in the following fields:

- analysis of security and privacy
- root cause analysis of socio-technical incidents
- human understanding and interaction with security
- physical identification and authentication
- security of cyber-physical systems
- security, privacy and legal compliance with EU regulation
- ethical issues in data analysis.

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