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Automation & Robotics Research Group

The SnT Automation & Robotics Research Group has been initiated at the beginning of 2012. The main
research focus of the group comprises:

Herein, special emphasis is on systems that are additionally characterized by a complex networked structure, the integration of cognitive capabilities and the presence of delays, uncertainties and disturbances. Areas of application will be in the automation of critical technical infrastructure such as energy, water or production systems, ICT solutions in e-mobility, mobile robotics (including unmanned aerial vehicles and space robotics) as well as medical devices and applications.

In 2012, the project SeSaNet (Integrated Security and Safety Engineering for Networked Control Systems), funded within FNR CORE program, has been started in order to develop novel solutions for attack tolerant automation systems.

In the area of autonomous systems, first work comprises the development of autonomous ecological driving solutions for electric vehicles. These activities are supported by IEE and Delphi as consultancy partners. In addition, a research project with the Luxembourg Army in the area of control and image processing for unmanned aerial vehicles in surveillance tasks has been started at the end of 2012. These activities will be conducted in close cooperation with the IEE-SnT Computer Vision Lab. Further discussions regarding common research projects in the area of unmanned aerial vehicles are currently ongoing with SES.


Prof. Holger Voos (SnT)