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We Are Hiring


We are recruiting bright students wishing to work towards a PhD degree, shaping their research around the challenges of CritiX. Take part in the construction of a new and promising research lab and a fascinating research agenda!

We are currently searching for two PhD candidates wishing to pursue their PhD in Resilient Real-Time and Embedded Systems, respectively in Resilient Systems for Space and Ground, focusing on one or more of the following topics:

  • Formal methods for assisting in the development of resilient systems
  • Attack resilient disaggregated computing architectures
  • Resilience of critical, distributed infrastructures
  • Resilient Real-Time and Embedded Systems, in particular but not exclusively for Space Vehicles
  • Fault and Intrusion Tolerant Real-Time Operating Systems, capable of withstanding radiative environments
  • Hardware- / Software Co-design of Real-Time and Embedded Systems for Space

 Please submit your documents to critix-jobs@uni.lu



We are also recruiting bright post-docs willing to address the challenges of CritiX. Take part in shaping the future research agenda of the team!

We are currently searching for two research associate in the area of Resilient Computing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Resilient systems for critical cyber-physical and embedded systems
  • Hardware / operating-system co-design towards radiation and attack tolerant systems (for space and ground)
  • Resilient computing for critical infrastructures and services, including for digital finance

The call and submission form for this position can be found here: http://emea3.mrted.ly/343m1.



Email informal pre-application enquiries to:
Prof. Marcus Völp
Email: critix-jobs@uni.lu , Subject: CRITIX – APPLICATIONS (feel free to include your CV)