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Digital Identities for Luxembourg


Project Description: 

With our lives becoming increasingly digital, we must ensure that our identities are safe, trusted and convenient to use. Digital Identity is the missing link between service providers and citizens. One key stakeholder in the Digital Identity sphere is naturally the government, that has an obligation to issue credentials to its citizens, such as identity cards and social security numbers.

Together with the Ministry for Digitalisation, we performed a feasibility study and proposed an action plan for a new digital identity framework in Luxembourg. Specifically, we identified and analysed the opportunities presented by Verifiable Credentials and Digital Wallets for public sector applications. Based on data and information from desk research and expert interviews, we developed a 5-year roadmap towards a secure, trusted, interoperable, privacy-enabling and accountable digital ID infrastructure.


Contact Persons at SnT

Prof. Gilbert Fridgen and Alexander Rieger