The newly established SEDAN (SErvices and Data mANagement) research group, headed by Dr. habil. Radu State addresses impact oriented research activities in the areas of security, service management and monitoring. More specifically the group is interested on designing architectures, algorithms and approaches in the context of the new challenges given by ever increasing volumes of data, multiple and permanent connectivity and new distributed consensus systems based on blockchain paradigms. For this purpose we address scalable virtualization mechanism based on unikernels, programmable dataplanes and data analytics as key enabling building stones for our research activity.

The group’s main research activities cover the following areas: 

  • Cloud orchestration, monitoring and management
  • Data analytics for security and performance monitoring
  • Blockchain paradigms for distributed and secure service platforms
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Function Virtualization
  • Network and System Security
  • Real Time Communications

My Research

In his research, Jorge Augusto Meira takes a closer look at the entire data spectrum: from the architecture of databases, to data manipulation and all the way to visualisation.