The ABBL is the Luxembourg Bankers association. We work closely with ABBL as our partner in a project to investigate the application of blockchain technology as a KYC solution. Through doing so we aim to provide the three banks spearheading the project with a highly functional, blockchain based KYC solution, backed by cutting edge academic research. The feedback from the pilot group banks is invaluable in being able to understand their needs and develop a product to suit a changing financial world. This includes building in compliance with relevant legislation such as GDPR. We have  been able to develop and demonstrate an interactive prototype which is now entering its second stage of development. We have produced a number of academic publications relating to blockchain and smart contracts.



Eethiq Advisors is a Luxembourg-based advisory firm that specializes in the structuring of cross-border ethical solutions. Eethiq Advisors recently partnered with ConexCap, which is a French-Luxembourg conglomerate to offer distributed asset-backed finance models to Europe and Asia focusing on the GCC region. SEDAN is playing a pivotal role in steering the development and growth of both the firms through blockchain-based solutions tailored to the needs of the organizations. We have developed Ethereum and Hyperledger solutions for crowdfunding of ethical donations and managed the mortgage smart contract for them to reduce paperwork while enhancing transparency. We are working to develop a blockchain consortium for them with their partners in Singapore, KSA and UK. Our current work also focusses on the feasibility of integration of Stellar in their legacy systems as well as developing a risk profile of their clients to aid in their decision-making process. We have produced peer-reviewed research papers supporting our implementations as well as conducted workshops/ webinars for our partners.


Logos is a financial service serving primarily banks and payment processors. Our cooperation focuses on one of their products, the iDetect platform. The platform helps their customers to manage KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Within this partnership, we develop and translate techniques from (applied) machine learning to data science insights and better products. We also host student projects and interns, enabling students in Luxembourg gather real industry experience during their education.