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Software Testing in a DEVOPS Environment

Title: Software Testing in a DEVOPS Environment
Principal investigator: Prof. Yves Le Traon
Vice principal investigators: Dr. Mike Papadakis
Partner: BGL – BNP Paribas
Funding: Weicker Foundation
Research team: Prof. Yves Le Traon, Dr. Mike Papadakis, Dr. Marinos Kintis
Starting date and Duration: January 2017 (4 years)

This project is conducted together with our industrial partner BGL – BNP Paribas, the market leader for professional clients and SMEs and the second-largest for individual customers. Its goal is to optimize, at a fine-grained level, the continuous devops process with a particular focus on automated software testing and fixing.

As agile software development methodologies are becoming more mature and mainstream it becomes important to understand the implications they introduce to organizations and individuals. Minimizing the gap between development and operation, also called devops, is key and requires optimizing the testing and validation phases. This can be achieved by combining up-to-date automated software engineering techniques with continuous learning of information collected during the devops process. This project aims at studying and assessing the scope of effectiveness and applicability of such techniques.