Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Systems for Ubiquitous Beyond 5G Communications

Funding Source: FNR – Luxembourg National Research Fund
Principal Investigator: Prof. Symeon Chatzinotas
VPI: Dr. Shree Krishna Sharma
Partner: SES
Consortium: SES, SIGCOM, SVV
Project Start Date: 10/2020
Project End Date: 09/2026

Project Web:

INSTRUCT is an industry-led research partnership between SES (the leader in global content connectivity solutions) and the Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), University of Luxembourg, and envisions to create a fundamental shift in the existing ecosystem of 5G wireless systems towards a ubiquitous, intelligent, self – organized and secured satellite – terrestrial integrated system exploiting ground – breaking Satellite Communications (SatCom) technologies.

The main goals of the proposed INSTRUCT project are: 

  • Building on 10 years of collaborative research experience between SnT and SES, to initiate a long-term structured research programme between SnT and SES by
    • Seamlessly integrating and valorizing SatCom systems in Beyond 5G Networks
    • Interconnecting and expanding joint lab validation facilities available at both ends
    • Utilizing the interdisciplinary expertise of two research te ams (SigCom and SVV) within SnT
  • To train the next generation of SatCom researchers / professionals
  • To intensify Knowledge Transfer between SnT and SES
  • To create innovation opportunities within the Luxembourgish SatCom Ecosystem
  • To provide significant innovations in the area of High Performance Networks and promote Luxembourg’s vision of being a global hub of space and satellite services.

Project details are available at: