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14/11/2020. ActInSpace 2020

SpaceR creates the Luxembourg's challenge of ActInSpace 2020 "CONFIGURE TEST A DIY LUNAR ROVER": Conceptualise an application that allows to configure rovers to find resources on the moon. The application will allow end users to configure a DIY kit to build their rovers and send it to the LunaLab Luxembourg to operate remote testing from a dedicated interface.


09/11/2020. PaperJam Club interviewed Prof. Björn Ottersten at the LunaLab

PaperJam Club has recorded an interview to SnT's Director, Prof. Björn Ottersten, for the event "Luxembourg: The New Space capital?".


26/08/2020. LSA interviewed Prof. Miguel Olivares-Mendez at the LunaLab

Watch the interview of Luxembourg Space Agency to Prof. Dr. Miguel Angel Olivares-Mendez, Head of the SpaceR group, talk about the new research team on SpaceRobotics and the LunaLab - a piece of Moon in Luxembourg - that emulates the surface of the celestial body.


18/07/2020. Article in Tageblatt Luxembourg newspaper

Prof. Miguel Olivares-Mendez, head of the SpaceR group, was interview by Tageblatt luxembourg newspaper and Yves Greis. In this article, Prof. Olivares-Mendez explained the construction of the LunaLab and the research based on planetary robotics based on this facility. Furthermore, he introduces the Zero-G lab, a facility under construction, that will allow to emulate on-orbit scenarios for orbital robotics.