Ubiquitous and Intelligent Systems Research Group

Leveraging artificial intelligence in distributed systems

Distributed systems are ubiquitous, increasingly smart and interconnected. UBIX conducts research on distributed artificial intelligence in various application areas.

Researchers that are proactive, open, and have a strong technical background will find a welcoming environment where they will have the chance to work on meaningful projects, and the freedom to explore their research interests. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects with other research groups at SnT, developing complementary skills in the field of distributed systems. Furthermore, they will benefit from the group’s guidance on broadening their horizons and building long-lasting relationship with industry, all while working independently. 

Prospective partners with a defined need to leverage AI in distributed and intelligent systems, and benefit from a reciprocal knowledge transfer will find an efficient team of researchers with long-standing industry expertise, and a deep understanding of the latest technologies, to explore new opportunities with. Fields of application include autonomous vehicles, IoT, edge computing, digital twins and smart cities.

The group also leads the 360Lab, a thematic research laboratory focusing on mobility innovation.