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Technology Transfer

The University of Luxembourg serves the needs of society. It is accordingly dedicated not only to academic education and research, but also to the transfer of knowledge and translation of scientific results into real-world innovation. The same goals are pursued at SnT's Technology Transfer Office. This was founded in order to build entrepreneurial spirit, organise the transfer of new technological approaches, and arrange the early-stage financing of transfer projects. The Technology Office prioritises working interfaces to existing innovation activities in the country, maintaining a clear path from scientific results to commercial exploitation.

Technology Transfer follows up on the work of the SnT Partnership Program. As a venue for exchange and collaboration, SnT brings together university scientists and non-university-affiliated researchers as well as partners from industry and the public sector. The common focus is on basic scientific research addressing the challenges faced by today's technology companies. The Centre's strategy involves tracing the future course of technological advancement, delineating current boundaries, and identifying long-term research topics. Joint research projects allow SnT to tackle scientifically challenging problems of importance for its partners from industry and the public sector, and often of general importance for society at large.

SnT's Technology Transfer is developing a structured approach to bridging the gap from scientific findings to exploitation. The aim is to provide tailored support functions close to research activities and thereby increase effectiveness. This means putting the following in place:



We invest in our talent to foster their success.

Our research centre is committed to supporting the local economy by fuelling an innovative business climate. As our researchers work today to solve the challenges of tomorrow, they regularly develop exciting new solutions for real-world scenarios.

This is the era of ICT, a sector in which innovations have the power to create entirely new markets. As the University’s ICT research centre, it is our mission to help these ideas become a reality by helping our scientists translate them into sustainable businesses.

Today, our spin-offs are success stories that we are proud to share.

SnT currently has five spin-offs:


Motion-S - Turning Mobility Data Into Actionable Insights

Founded in 2014, Motion-S creates solutions that objectively assess risk for accidents, offering detailed fleet analytics. The company allows insurance companies to adjust their pricing based on the driver’s behaviour – ultimately offering an incentive to help improve driving skills.

Find out more: https://motion-s.com/


DataThings - Developing Intelligent Software Systems to Transform Data Into Actionable and Valuable Insights

Founded in 2017 by Thomas Hartmann, a researcher in the SerVal group, DataThings develops intelligent software systems to transform data into actionable and valuable insights. Applicable to a variety of sectors, its solutions aim to support companies in taking the best operational decisions.

Find out more: https://datathings.com/


Databourg - Next-Generation of Environmental Monitoring

Founded in 2017, Databourg offers environmental monitoring using satellite networks. The company’s mission is to provide the best rainfall intelligence to business and institutional users, and to be recognised as “The Rain Company”.

Find out more: https://databourg.com/


LuxAI - Expressive Humanoid Social Robot

Founded in 2016, LuxAI designs intuitive and smart social robots for everyone. Among its products, QTrobot, a visually appealing, talking robot, offers an innovative approach to therapy for children with autism.

Find out more: https://luxai.com/


BlackSwan - Real time monitoring

BlackSwan is providing solutions in the field of human surveillance for medical/security purposes.