Lease and key

Signature of the lease and key

The lease may be signed and the keys handed on:

  • three conditions:
    • You have registered with SEVE admission office, i.e. you have been issued your student card.
    • You have confirmed the reservation of the room by paying the guarantee deposit.
    • You have provided SEVE Accommodation with a certificate of your home insurance.
  • only from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) during the opening hours of our welcome office and make an appointment exclusively online at or via App Store or Google Play, excluding public holidays:
  • Example: If your lease begins on the 1st or 16th of the month and this falls on a weekend day or public holiday, you can only move into your accommodation on the next business day.
  • Opening hours: from 01.20PM to 03:40PM
  • For organizational reasons, rooms will be available from 04.00 PM, the day you get the keys

Campus Belval - Maison du Savoir - office MSA, E05 0525-110

Opening hours: From Monday to Friday 01:20 PM to 03:40 PM

University of Luxembourg - SEVE Accommodation
2, Avenue de l'Université - L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette