Entrance exam

 Please note: each student may only apply once


Registration procedure:

Step 1: Application online for your chosen programme

Candidate enrolled in the last year of the high school or already graduated.

Step 2: Fill out and sign your application for admission and send it by post to:

SEVE Admissions
Université du Luxembourg
Campus de Belval
2, Avenue de l’Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette 

Make sure you enclose all the required documents in the correct form (with Double Legalisation or Apostille (official stamp)). (Admission applications sent by email will not be accepted.)

Step 3: If the application has been correctly completed and contains all the required documentation, it will be forwarded to the Selection Committee.  

Step 4: If the application is accepted by the Selection Board, the candidate will be invited to take an entrance exam organised by the "Ecole Nationale pour Adultes (ENAD)". At the beginning of May, the university will send the candidate a convocation to the entrance examination by e-mail. This will only be used if the candidate graduates from high school in June 2019. He must then send by email to seve.admission@uni.lu the copy of the certificate of completion of his diploma.

Depending on the programme chosen, the candidate will have to sit 3 or 4 separate exams. The exams will take place in September 2019. You can find the dates and the list of exams according to the chosen course in the document below : 

Liste des examens_v1

For information, you can consult the subjects of the examinations of 2018

Candidates will be notified of their results by email.

  • Candidates who pass the exam will be eligible to register for their chosen program for the 2020/2021 academic year. The University Admissions Department will contact the candidate with details of the final registration procedure in mid-January 2020.
  • Candidates who fail the exam may reapply the following year via the same procedure.

 Important note

 The exams will take place over several days. Candidates must therefore make arrangements for travel and accommodation over the entire exam period. 

 The University does not cover any costs.


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