Entrance exam

This entrance exam concerns any non-European student wishing to enroll in a Bachelor's degree. Each candidate must make an on-line application during the application period. The application file (registration form + supplementary documents) must be sent to SEVE. Upon reception of the file and on condition that it is complete, each candidate shall be invited to an entrance examination which is held in Luxembourg (the exact date will be indicated on the invitation).
The entrance examination consists of the following tests:

  • a language test in the teaching languages of the Bachelor programme the candidate is applying for
  • a test of writing skills on a generalist topic in one of the teaching languages of the programme the candidate is applying for
  • a test of skills in mathematics (Luxembourg general technical baccalaureate level).

Each candidate will be informed about the results of the entrance examination by an official letter which is sent to the address he/she has indicated on the on-line enrolment form.
Successful candidates will also be informed about the administrative procedure to follow in order to obtain an authorisation to stay in Luxembourg.


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