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Eligibility Criteria for Non UE Students

1. Eligibility criteria

Before filling in the on-line application, please make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for the study programme you wish to apply for.

2. Copies of diplomas and relevant transcripts with apostille or double legalisation

To make an application for admission to the University of Luxembourg, the copy of your diploma and transcripts must be issued with the original official apostille (no photocopies of the apostille), or they must be issued with a double legalisation.


>>> Please note : for applicants legally resident in the entire American continent (North and South)

These formalities are not requested, however the institution of origin (High School/University) MUST send us a copy of your diploma and transcripts in a sealed envelope.



We see ourselves forced to impose stricter conditions. In addition to the  double legalisation or apostille, the institution (High School/University) where you have obtained your basic diploma MUST send US a copy of your diploma and transcripts in a stamped and sealed envelope.

3. Application for admission

4. Administrative formalities for obtaining the authorisation to stay

Disclaimer: Non UE students admitted to the University of Luxembourg must obtain a residence permit in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Art.IV.5.102, Chapter 5 of the Internal Regulations of the University of Luxembourg).