Hosted by the University of Luxembourg, ANASEA (Asia, North America, Africa, South America, Europe & Australia) project is aimed at musicians of all genres, and artists of all age, with a mission to preserve and revive global cultural legacy among the multi cultural community of Luxembourg. ANASEA engages musicians and artists through a series of periodic workshops in order to introduce them to worldwide cultural artistic heritages. ANASEA project is based on peer-to-peer learning approach whereby participants teach each other the arts and music from their countries and cultures. In addition, professional traditional artists will be invited to conduct some of the workshops and introduce their folkloric art. Vocals, instrumentalists, and dancers of all styles and ages, be it students, alumni, or even from outside the University, are welcome to join the adventure and learn more about different ethnic forms of art from professionals in the field. However, a certain level of knowledge and skills are required for participation. Workshops’ schedule is announced on the Facebook page of the project below. Product of selected workshops will be presented in a concert. ANASEA provides a unique opportunity for musicians and artists in Luxembourg to come together and engage through music and dancing in an open, generous and respectful atmosphere.



ANASEA - World-Music Video Production

Tired form the lock down? University of Luxembourg will be bringing world-music performance at your convenience..

In collaboration with the media department of the University of Luxembourg, ANASEA will be engaging multicultural and multidisciplinary musicians and artists in a series of jamming workshops where they are provided the freedom to mix their styles in a unique artistic creation towards a music video production. The jamming workshops will be conducted by Ahmed Radwan, Egyptian multi instrumentalist and composer, to guide the artists towards a high quality production.
Stay tuned for a breathtaking music video production by the University of Luxembourg..

ANASEA is supported by espace cultures of the University of Luxembourg.


Workshops 2021-22 

  • When: Saturdays | 10:00am-5:00pm

September 25

October 09, 23

November 13, 20

  • Where: Campus Belval | Maison des Arts et des Étudiants (MAE) | Music Room : 7.040 - 4th floor


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