Campus Sport

Are you tired of just sitting and learning and working?
Do you want to practice some sports?

Then join one or several sports class(es) from Campus Sports!


What is Campus Sport?

Your University has a lot to offer!

The Campus Sport’s programme offers you to get or stay in good shape with the help of our great trainers, all of that in a good mood, and what is most important, it is free of charge!

Participate in one or several sport activities and retain your energy and strength! The Campus Sport's programme is open for all students and staff !


How to register?

You will receive an e-mail directly to your "" or "" address in the first week of classes of each semester in order to register to one or several activities.

Please register with your "" or "" e-mail-address.


Winter Semester 2019-2020

The classes from the winter semester 2019/20 will start on September 30, 2019 and end on January 26, 2020. There is a break during the winter holidays (December 22, 2019 - January 5, 2020).


The new programme for Winter Semester 2019-2020


The possibilities for curling are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 PM till 9:30 PM, i.e. 19:00 - 21:30 (not 7 AM till 9:30 AM) as well as Sundays from 10:30 AM till 1 PM (flexible; up to 2 classes / week).

Important information and training session on October 1, 2019 from 19:00 - 21:00.

Extra class

A "Latin Dance" (Salsa/Bachata) class will also take place in the Forum « Geesseknäppchen », room E1-2, (40, bld. Pierre Dupong; . L-1430 Luxembourg).

This class will be given by Mr. Omar Boutros ( on a voluntary basis: we thank him for his engagement!


Thurs, 10.10

Thurs, 17.10

Thurs, 24.10

Thurs, 31.10

Thurs, 04.11

Mon, 11.11

Thurs, 21.11

Mon, 25.11

Mon, 02.12

No classes in the week from  9-12 December

Thurs, 19.12

No classes during the holidays

Mon, 09.01

Thurs, 13.01

Mon, 23.01

Schedule: always from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

We sincerly thank the Service National de la Jeunesse for the room reservation.

Where can I find the locations?

Click on this link to get an overview of the adresses


Do you have any further questions?

Please send us an an e-mail via We will be glad to help you!


Data policy:

The University of Luxembourg (hereafter “the University”) processes your personal data in the framework of your registration to Campus Sport’s programme. The data processed are contact details (name, surname, email address). Your participation is on a voluntary basis. Please note that the University processes your personal data only to the extend necessary for your registration and will not be stored longer that it is necessary for purpose stated. Your personal data will only be disclosed to the trainers in charge of the courses. You have a right of access and rectification you can exercise by sending an email to

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