Maison du Savoir

Meet students and academics and receive personalised information on the booths located on three floors of the Maison du Savoir (open nonstop all day).


Ground floor

  • Agora (Urban areas development)
  • Cedies - Centre de documentation et d'information sur l'enseignement supérieur
  • Euraxess
  • Fonds Belval
  • Luxembourg for Tourism
  • Sophia University Luxembourg office
  • Université de la Grande Région
  • Ville d’Esch
  • d’Staater Muséeën
  • Verkéiersverbond et Tice


  • Service des études et de la Vie étudiante (Student Office)
  • Luxembourg Learning Centre
  • Inclusion office and Psychological support office
  • International Relations office
  • Mobility Semester
  • Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)
  • Students housing and Allia insurance
  • Hoodies for sale
  • Radio Campus
  • University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (ULCC)

First floor

Study programmes

  • Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science (4 robots on site), Life Science, Engineering
  • Law, Finance, Economics, Wealth Management, Accounting and Audit, Entrepreneurship, Logistics and Supply Chain Management,
  • Career Centre, University of Luxembourg Incubator
  • Restopolis



Scienteens Lab "den Labo fir Jonker" and other activities 

  • Mathematics: Mathema app, Mandelbrot's fractal, Comics, Graph Theory (people have to find the shortest way passing several cities in Luxembourg)
  • Physics: Chess, spectrometer (The participants can build their own spectrometer. A spectrometer can diffract the light, similar to a prism)
  • Engineering: 3D printer, Galileo antenna
  • Computer science: robots, drones
  • Life science: Signal transmission between two people via the nervous system

Third floor



Study programmes

  • Psychology, Humanities, Social and behavioural sciences, Education and Teaching
  • Guest students