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Affiliation to a statutory health insurance scheme

Compulsory insurance for students studying at the University of Luxembourg

In order to be definitively enrolled at the University, any student must present a European health insurance card or any other proof of affiliation to a medical coverage indicating precisely the period of coverage. It must cover at least the duration of the semester for which the student is enrolled at the University.

If the applicant does not have such insurance, he/she is invited to pay the fees at the same time as the registration fee directly with the University.

For candidates from third countries: this document is to be given upon their arrival in Luxembourg. In this case, the payment of the fees must be paid at the same time as the registration fee with the University.

It is the responsibility of any student to report any change in his or her personal situation during the course of his or her studies. Any change must be reported in writing to SEVE Admission by indicating in subject: Health insurance (change of address, student job, abandonment of studies, etc.) without delay. 


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Order a provisional replacement certificate for the European Social Security Cardhttps://demarches.services-publics.lu/fpgsa-ccss/Controler

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Refund in case of double affiliation