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Article 3 of the Act of 12 August 2003 on the creation of the University of Luxembourg stipulates that the “university shall operate on the basis of (…) the multilingual instruction.”

The University’s languages are: English, French and German.

Multilingualism is an essential point for the strategic development of the University of Luxembourg, because it can provide the unique asset of a bilingual diploma, which is an undeniable opening which is also feasible given the multilingual context enjoyed by the University of Luxembourg in a country with three borders, at the heart of Europe, playing host to numerous European institutions. Multilingualism appears as an indispensable, indeed central element, for the international reputation of the University of Luxembourg.

It becomes essential to put the students at the center of the process, to give them an added advantage for entering the labour market -- an added value directly negotiable to their diploma. Proficiency in essential languages on the international market will bring them knowledge, flexibility and open-mindedness that will distinguish them from monolingual graduates.


  1. All bachelor’s degree recipients must be bilingual and the minor language must represent at least 25% of the program, unless the language determines the content of the field.
  2. Master’s degree: The majority of master’s degree recipients must be bilingual (the minor language must represent at least 25% of the program) and a minimum of 20% will be in English, except if the language determines the content of the degree program.
  3. Each of the three languages must be represented in at least 20% of the degree programs.
  4. Students, instructors, researchers and administrative staff must be trilingual if possible.
    • For students, proficiency in the languages needed for the degree programme is sufficient.
    • Most of the instructors and administrative staff must be proficient in at least two and ideally in three vehicular languages of the university (English, French and German). The administrative staff in direct contact with the students must be proficient in at least three and ideally four of the following Languages: English, French, German and Luxembourgish.


In order to ensure quality education for our students and to guarantee multilingualism in our university, language tests certificates must be provided for all applicationsThe absence of these documents will result in the rejection of the candidate's application.