Registration fee payments are made each semester.

A. Payment by bank transfer:
If you choose payment by bank transfer, be sure to indicate the reference of the communication. For payments made abroad, the bank charges are borne by the student.
Upon receipt of your payment, the final registration documents, i.e., the student card and/or the half-yearly vignette, as well as the certificate of registration, will be sent by post to the address indicated on your registration form.

B. Payment made directly to the admissions office (Please take an appointment through the application "Affluences", select the University of Luxembourg, then "Student Administration" and "RV inscription SEVE"):
Payment is only by credit card. Your registration documents, i.e.,  the student card and/or the half-yearly vignette, as well as the certificate of registration, will be delivered to you personally.

Note: After payment of registration fees, no refund will be possible.

Other important information:
Diplomas or certificates are not awarded to students who have not fulfilled their obligations towards the University (reimbursement of books borrowed from the library and lost, payment of room rent, etc.).
Only students in payment order are permanently enrolled at UL.