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Federal Education and Training Assistance Act (known by the German acronym “BAFöG”)

Provided by

Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany

Level of education

Higher Technical Certificate (BTS), Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees. For the PhD degree, assistance under the BAföG is provided only when the doctoral candidate is also a student. 


Independently from the field of study


● The student must be a permanent resident in Germany.
● The student must not be older than 30 when starting the course of study

Application deadline

Depends on the assistance requested.
The addresses, telephone numbers and/or Internet details of the individual officials are available particularly at www.das-neue-bafoeg.de.


● The maximum BaföG rate for students is €648.
● Those studying in technical colleges and academies essentially receive half  the amount as a grant, and the other half as interest-free government loan. 

Duration of grant

The grant is provided for the duration of the degree programme, including academic holiday periods and semester breaks. The assistance to students is provided essentially for the duration of the standard period of study (known as the maximum period of funding). Assistance beyond the maximum period of funding is possible in certain exceptional cases for a limited period (e.g. prolongation of the course of studies because of a disability, pregnancy or child rearing or committee activities).

Number of students on grant

No limit


For doctoral candidates who are no longer students, there are doctoral grants (to inquire, call 0800 2623003).

For more information

Zuständiges Amt für Luxemburg:
Region Hannover
Fachbereich Schulen - Ausbildungsförderung -
Hildesheimer Str. 20
30169 Hannover
Tel.: 0511 / 616-0, -22252
Fax: 0511/ 616 - 1123205
E-Mail: bafoeg@region-hannover.de ; information@bmbf.bund.de
Internet: http://www.das-neue-bafoeg.de