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INCOMING exchange students

Exchange from another university:

You wish to make an exchange and study for a semester or two in our university? The University of Luxembourg is happy to welcome you.
You can spend either one or two semesters under an Erasmus exchange programme, with an inter-university agreement or as a fee paying student (freemover).


If you wish to study at the University of Luxembourg as an exchange student we need an official nomination of your home institution. We will send the link to the nomination form to our partners before the nomination phase opens. The link can also be obtained on request of your home institution to incoming@uni.lu. We don't accept any nomination by email anymore.

Information required in the nomination form:

-          Name, SURNAME
-          Gender
-          E-mail address
-          Citizenship (please add the date of birth for non-EU citizens)
-          Study field or Erasmus code
-          Level of study (Bachelor or Master)
-          Status (Erasmus, inter-university agreement or Freemover)
-          Exchange period (winter, summer term or whole academic year)


  • for a study exchange during the winter semester (sept.- february):     15th April
  • for a study exchange during the summer semester (february- july):    15th  September


  • for a study exchange during the winter semester (sept.- february):    15th  May
  • for a study exchange during the summer semester (february- july):   15th  October

After having been nominated you will receive the required application forms by email.
It is not possible to hand-in your Bachelor or Master-thesis at the University of Luxembourg. The final thesis needs to be graded by your home institution.

An extension of stay is only possible within the same academic year, this means from winter semester (september-february) to summer semester (february-july). An extension from the summer to the winter semester will not be accepted.

As Incoming exchange student it is mandatory to follow courses at the University of Luxembourg. An internship is only possible in addition to the studies if this internship is already foreseen in the study field in which the Incoming student is enroled to.


Please fill out your Learning agreement by choosing courses from the study field for which you have been nominated at the University of Luxembourg. Approximately 80% of the courses you have chosen should come from this study field. Choose among the courses of the Bachelor programme or the Master programme. Normally Bachelor students are not allowed to follow courses of the Master programme.

In case you should not find enough courses given in english in your respective study field, you can also choose courses offered in english.

For further information please contact: incoming@uni.lu