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Incoming students Erasmus

Please note that:

  • your field of study should coincide strictly with the signed bilateral agreement, because you will be accepted under the conditions of this contrat;
  • we cannot accept more students than those agreed upon the bilateral agreement;
  • you have to be officially nominated by your home institution;
  • we will accept you based on the fact that you have sufficient proficiency in the required language of the courses to follow lectures and write exams;
  • we offer languages courses in French, German and English (beginner and intermediate level)

If you are coming to study at the University of Luxembourg in the framework of an Erasmus or inter-university exchange agreement, all you have to do is:

Before you leave:

  • Find out whether your university has signed an exchange agreement with the University of Luxembourg;
  • Complete carefully the online application we will send you by email;
  • Draw up, together with our academic adviser, the learning agreement that stipulates the courses you want to take at the University of Luxembourg

Your university will receive a certificate of acceptance and a letter of admission (for NON-EU students only).

When you arrive in Luxembourg;

  • Go to the SEVE Mobility Incoming office (MSA, 5th floor) to finalise your registration and receive your welcome package (enrolment certificates, student card, canteen card, transport ticket...).

Before you return:

  • Let the SEVE Mobility sign your certificate of stay